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Some more thoughts on guns…

I really do plan on posting about other things in this blog, but the subject of guns has been on my mind a lot lately. I thought that I had said pretty much all I wanted to say on this subject for a while after I finished my last couple posts, but then I go to Facebook and see one of my friends post something stupid about how they’re in danger of having all their guns stolen from them… All of a sudden I have a lot more to say.

I’ve touched on this before, but I’ll state it again. I do not want to take away all your guns. I wondered where this irrational fear of “the government” busting into people’s homes and confiscating all their guns came from. And then I heard the “press conference” (read commercial) that the NRA spokesman recently did, and saw some of the older statements that have been made by the NRA. Every chance that they get to stir up fears of guns being outlawed, they do it. No matter if there is anything real behind their “warnings” or not. Here’s the cycle: the NRA claims that pretty soon certain types of guns (or all guns) are going to be made illegal to buy, which is going to make all the responsible gun owners at risk of being out gunned by the Bad Guys that are going to still illegally acquire said guns. So what is a responsible gun owner to do? Don’t worry, the NRA has a solution! They are going to flood the market with the guns that they are claiming are soon to be made illegal. What do the responsible gun owners do? They go out and buy those “soon to be illegal” guns. And as result the NRA makes a lot money, and the guns usually do not actually become illegal.

The NRA is not an advocate for gun owners, it is an advocate for the gun manufacturers. The NRA is an advocate for the NRA.

I see a lot about how “Obama is going to take away all your guns.” This is a rumor that has been around since when President Obama won the election for his first term. It’s been four years, and the rumor is still floating around. Do you want to know how much President Obama has taken away your guns? If you have a concealed carry permit, you can actually bring your guns to more places, like National Parks.

There is a big difference between wanting to make it harder for people who have no business being anywhere near a gun to be able to buy one, and taking away everyone’s guns. I’ve heard people say, “Don’t make it harder for me to buy my guns. Just make everyone secure their guns better.”  Will it really be all that horrible if you have to go through a little bit more thorough of a screening process before you can get a gun? Especially if it means that you are less likely to be confronted by someone else with a gun that clearly shouldn’t have one? There are already some laws about having to properly secure your guns, but how do people really expect them to be enforced? Are you telling me that you would be okay with people regularly visiting your home to check and make sure that you are in compliance with the laws? Doesn’t it make sense to make sure that people that should not own guns can’t easily buy them? Even if they will eventually acquire them illegally, at least it was harder for them to do so and there are more chances that they will get caught.

“The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” When I heard those words come out of the NRA spokesman’s mouth, I felt sick and so incredibly frustrated at the same time. Then soon after I saw posts all over Facebook about stories of “Person with concealed weapons permit saves the day. Media tries to hide story.” First of all, nobody is claiming that some responsible citizen who happens to own a gun couldn’t find themselves in a situation where they can help to stop things from getting worse. Once again I point out all the situations where there were armed security personnel, and it did not stop the tragedy from happening. Not to mention the fact that if the “media” can hide stories of this nature, that in itself proves that you don’t need to have a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun…

But it doesn’t matter, because already the NRA has made a ton of money off of peoples fears after this latest tragedy… and it makes me sick.


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Rant about guns part 2…

So, I saw something on Facebook a few days ago. It said “Which of these signs will prevent another tragedy?” and then it shows a sign that says “All weapons are prohibited on these premises.” and another one that says “Staff heavily armed and trained. Any attempt to harm children will be met with deadly force”

My answer to the question posed is: NEITHER. No sign is going to stop someone from attempting to terrorize any building if they have made up their mind to do so. Most people who commit these type of crimes are not going to be deterred by a sign, no matter what it says. Most of them will not be in a state of mind to even bother to read the sign, if they even see it.

I have also seen something on Facebook the last couple of days that is a picture of 3 armed guards on a roof that says “SCHOOL OBAMA’S DAUGHTERS ATTEND HAS 11 ARMED GUARDS… BUT HE WON’T CONSIDER IT AN OPTION FOR YOUR KIDS”  … *sigh* Okay first of all, those “armed guards” at that school are probably Secret Service Agents. The President has no control over whether or not he or his family gets a Secret Service detail. That’s not to say that he probably isn’t grateful to have it, he probably is. But he does not decide how many Agents follow his daughters around. Also, what’s with the “Obama hates you all and wants you all too die” fear mongering? Is it really necessary? Anyway, I’m also fairly certain that Obama has nothing to do with individual school policies about security and whether or not to have armed security guards. Not to mention the fact that he’s probably never said that he would never consider it an option.

So the theme that these two posts from Facebook have in common is: more guns in our schools. I personally am not sure how I feel about having armed security guards in all schools. Might is deter some people? Yes. Might it help to lessen the severity of the damage done, if it doesn’t completely deter someone? Maybe. Is it a solution that will solve all of our problems? No. There were armed security guards at Columbine and Virginia Tech.

Another idea that has been talked about a lot is arming teachers. NO. If you want trained armed security in schools, okay. But don’t you dare make this the responsibility of the teachers. Having to learn how to operate a fire arm and having to carry a fire arm in school is nowhere in their job descriptions. Teacher’s are there to teach your children, that’s it. They already do so much more than that, but having to double as a security guard because people figure it will save money over hiring actual security guards is going way too far. Adding more guns into the mix is not the solution. The more guns there are in schools, the more likely it is that there will be accidents, or more planned attacks.

I’ve heard people talking about what could have been done in certain school shooting situations, if only the teachers had guns, like they think that life works out like in the movies. Life rarely works out as it does in the movies. More guns is not the answer.

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Rant about guns…

Okay. So I kind of feel like it might be a bit early in our blogger/reader relationship for me to bring up such a controversial topic as guns. You’ve just barely met me. I think about the old rule of the topics to never bring up at the dinner table, religion and politics, and I would now add guns to that list. But, as my husband pointed out to me, this blog is not a dinner table. Also, seeing as I will probably be talking about religion and politics at some point in this blog as well, that rule is going to go out the window soon anyway. And realistically, if anyone reading this has a problem with this post, you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog anyway, because it’s probably not going to get any less controversial from here on out.

Let me start out by saying that I do not like guns. I can understand guns that are designed for hunting game, I have family members that regularly go hunting for deer, but even so I still don’t like them. I grew up in a house where there were guns locked up in a gun rack on the wall of my parents bedroom. I learned to respect guns, but I never learned to like them.

While I do not like all guns, there are certain guns that I have an extreme dislike of. Namely guns that have no other purpose than to simply kill other human beings. In my mind, these guns have no redeeming quality whatsoever. While I can not and will not go so far as calling an object evil, I still can not bring myself to like something that’s only reason to exist is to kill.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Or as someone recently commented on one of my Facebook posts, “It’s not the guns’ fault, it’s the less then intelligent people operating them!” I responded to this by saying that “Yes, it is obviously not the fault of an inanimate object, as objects can not think for themselves.”  But the level of violence that is created by the use of guns is undeniable. I also pointed out that it is much easier for children to accidentally hurt or kill themselves with a gun then with most anything else that they could get their hands on. Simply by being curious, which is the nature of a child. So their statement of it being the fault of the less than intelligent people that use the guns is not always accurate.

Before I go any further in this post, let me make something clear. I do not want to take away all your guns. No one is trying to take away all your guns.  I felt the need to make that abundantly clear, because I see many posts from my friends on Facebook about how everyone is trying take away everyone else’s precious guns. As much as I wish that guns did not exist, I do not realistically believe that we will be able to do away with them all together. Even if we make all guns illegal, criminals won’t care and they will still find a way to arm themselves. I am okay with responsible citizens exercising their 2nd amendment right, but that doesn’t mean that I think that civilians should be able to own any and all types of guns. There are certain types of guns that you simply do not need to own. And there is absolutely no way that wanting to have everyone who wants to buy a gun, no matter who they are buying it from, have to pass a background check can be construed as wanting to take away all your guns.

My statement of not wanting to take away all your guns assumes that you have any business owning a gun in the first place, and that you came by all of your guns legally. And, yes, from what I said before there are certain guns that if you own them, I might want them taken away from you. But do you really need semi-automatic weapons? I also might want to limit the amount of ammo that is available to you. Do you really need to be able to fire 100 bullets before having to reload? Or even 30?

Unlike some people, I do not think that the solution to gun violence is more guns. In fact I find that to be a completely idiotic idea. I shared something on Facebook the other day that said “We reduced drunk driving accidents without a total ban on alcohol. Then again, we didn’t think more alcohol was that solution to drunk driving.”

There is a lot more that I would like to say on this topic, but it’s late and I am tired, and my tired brain is not wanting cooperate with this whole writing thing right now. So I will continue my thoughts on this topic in a later blog post for those of you who want to read them.

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Let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I’m a stay at home wife and cat mom. For those of you who read that last sentence wrong, or are wondering if I wrote it wrong, it does indeed say “cat mom”.  That’s right, I don’t have a job and I don’t have children. (Other than my furry, four-legged son of course. You can read more about him in my husband’s recent blog post.) Both are by choice as well. When I tell people this, most of them are upset. They would be okay with me being a stay at home Mom, but if I don’t have children, why the hell am I not out working and helping my husband support us? Then there are the people who focus on the “no kids” part. Some of them assume that I forgot to add the “yet” to the end of the “no kids” part of my sentence. Then they call me selfish when I tell them that there was not supposed to be a “yet” in that sentence.

Let me focus on the stay at home wife part first. My husband and I have been married for over 10 years, it’ll be 11 years in August of 2013. When we got married, I was 19 and he was 21. Even being so young we were smart enough to discuss what our roles in our marriage would be, before getting married. So me not working is completely okay with my husband. If I wanted to get a job, he’d be okay with that too. He is not resentful of being the provider though. I do contribute some to the household income, but it usually only works out to about $25 a month. But, hey, that’s $25 more than we had before.

Part of the reason why my husband is okay with me not working is because he’s seen what having a job does to me. I have held jobs before. I worked in a few different places while my husband and I dated, and even worked some during the first few years of our marriage. It never ended well, and for some very good reasons. I have Panic Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, and I have self diagnosed myself with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder like tendencies. I may have missed a few disorders. Even while I was being medicated for some of these disorders, trying to keep a job never worked out. While I did have that job, my entire life became a nightmare. I could not handle being at work, and I would obsess about when I would next have to go back when I was not working. I was not a fun person to be around. So, me not working is a good thing for everyone around me.

Now for the not having human children part. First of all, it’s not really anyone’s business why my husband and I do not have children. If we have decided not to, than that should be all that anyone needs to know. But, since most people seem to jump to conclusions, and we get labeled as “selfish” a lot, I’ll address this in more detail.

One of the biggest reasons why we don’t have children is because we simply don’t want any. If we aren’t interested in being parents, than it’s much better for us to simply not have kids, than to run the risk of resenting them. We haven’t always felt this way. When we first got married, we tried to get pregnant for years. It never happened. So even if we wanted to have kids, there is no guarantee that it would happen. Some of the reasons why we wanted to have kids years ago though, were simply because it was expected of us. Especially while we were members of a certain church. If you don’t have kids, you’re not a real family. When we left the church, we reevaluated the way we looked at having children. We became much more responsible about it. Another reason why we don’t have kids: we simply can’t afford to care for them. We probably won’t be able to afford to care for kids for many more years to come as well. Also, one of the biggest and most responsible and not in anyway selfish reasons why we don’t have kids, I have several mental illnesses. (As listed above.) I have been un-medicated for many years. We weren’t able to afford to have health insurance for many years, and now we can’t afford to have health insurance that covers mental illness treatments. Not to mention the fact that we can’t even afford to use the health insurance that we have now. It’s basically emergency insurance,  in case something happens, we won’t have to pay for everything ourselves. Now, I technically am actually doing better now, not medicated, then while I was on medications. That is because I have set up my life so that it works for me. If I got pregnant, though, that would throw everything out of order. It’s possible that I could have a child and everything could work out just fine. Or there is the very real possibility that I would add post-partum depression to my list of disorders, my Mother suffered from it after giving birth to me. There is also the possibility that the hormones from pregnancy could make my other disorders even worse. And just taking medication will not fix this. First of all, you can not take the  medications I would need during pregnancy. Also, I have been on many, many different medications, and there is no one medication that can deal with all of my issues. In fact, most of the medications that I have taken have in fact made me worse. So, if I cannot be sure that I would be someone that children should be around, why would it be selfish to not have children?

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I’m a unique copycat…

So a while back my husband’s best friend/ my brother in-law started a blog. He hasn’t done much with that blog, but I don’t blame him ’cause he has a son (my nephew) that just recently turned 3 years old. He’s been a bit busy. But anyway, he started this blog, and my husband decided that he was going to look into what this blogging thing was. Fairly soon my husband started his own blog, and has blogged in it much more often than his best friend/ brother in-law. In fact he blogs in it most everyday. I have been watching my husband blog and reading his posts, and sometimes working as his proof reader, usually in between checking Facebook. Since my husband started blogging I’ve been looking at my status updates on Facebook and thinking “that could be a blog post. It’s certainly long enough.”, and then I usually move on to sharing the next crazy cat picture that one of my other Facebook friends has shared on her wall. But, in between sharing cat pictures the thought of starting a blog has stuck in my brain, so I decided to go ahead and do something about it. I actually created my blog a couple of days ago, but it took me forever to pick the theme that I wanted to use and then get the artwork that I wanted to use as my header photo just right, not to mention fighting to get the image that I want associated with my blog to work. Which it still doesn’t always, by the way.

I always think of myself as unique, not quite like anyone else, not mainstream. I’m a bit of a copycat in a lot of ways though. I only started this blog because my husband started his and liked it. The artwork that is my header, is also an example of me being unoriginal. My husband used to doodle a lot and he used to do a lot of drawings similar to what my drawing looks like. I asked him to teach me his “rules” for those sort of drawings, and I did a few of my own. I did make it my own though, because he never really adds color to his. I am fairly good at drawing, but I usually need something to reference. I used to draw Garfield cartoons, not my own, but copies of ones that were in the comic books that I owned. I could draw them well enough that people asked me all the time if I traced them. I never did, it was always free hand. If people asked me to draw Garfield without one of my books for reference though, I couldn’t do it. Well, maybe I could have, I’m not sure if I ever really tried. I was always too nervous of failing without my reference.

I’m not sure what this blog will ultimately be about. There will probably be a lot of rants on here that I decided to spare my Facebook friends from having read. Unless, they click on the link on my Facebook page, then it’s their own damn fault. I am going to stay anonymous on here for a while, well to everyone that didn’t get here through the link on my personal Facebook page anyway. I am a very private person, and a bit agoraphobic, so it’s easier for me to write if I don’t have to worry about strangers being able to track me down. I’m sure you’re all very nice strangers, though.

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