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I’m a unique copycat…

So a while back my husband’s best friend/ my brother in-law started a blog. He hasn’t done much with that blog, but I don’t blame him ’cause he has a son (my nephew) that just recently turned 3 years old. He’s been a bit busy. But anyway, he started this blog, and my husband decided that he was going to look into what this blogging thing was. Fairly soon my husband started his own blog, and has blogged in it much more often than his best friend/ brother in-law. In fact he blogs in it most everyday. I have been watching my husband blog and reading his posts, and sometimes working as his proof reader, usually in between checking Facebook. Since my husband started blogging I’ve been looking at my status updates on Facebook and thinking “that could be a blog post. It’s certainly long enough.”, and then I usually move on to sharing the next crazy cat picture that one of my other Facebook friends has shared on her wall. But, in between sharing cat pictures the thought of starting a blog has stuck in my brain, so I decided to go ahead and do something about it. I actually created my blog a couple of days ago, but it took me forever to pick the theme that I wanted to use and then get the artwork that I wanted to use as my header photo just right, not to mention fighting to get the image that I want associated with my blog to work. Which it still doesn’t always, by the way.

I always think of myself as unique, not quite like anyone else, not mainstream. I’m a bit of a copycat in a lot of ways though. I only started this blog because my husband started his and liked it. The artwork that is my header, is also an example of me being unoriginal. My husband used to doodle a lot and he used to do a lot of drawings similar to what my drawing looks like. I asked him to teach me his “rules” for those sort of drawings, and I did a few of my own. I did make it my own though, because he never really adds color to his. I am fairly good at drawing, but I usually need something to reference. I used to draw Garfield cartoons, not my own, but copies of ones that were in the comic books that I owned. I could draw them well enough that people asked me all the time if I traced them. I never did, it was always free hand. If people asked me to draw Garfield without one of my books for reference though, I couldn’t do it. Well, maybe I could have, I’m not sure if I ever really tried. I was always too nervous of failing without my reference.

I’m not sure what this blog will ultimately be about. There will probably be a lot of rants on here that I decided to spare my Facebook friends from having read. Unless, they click on the link on my Facebook page, then it’s their own damn fault. I am going to stay anonymous on here for a while, well to everyone that didn’t get here through the link on my personal Facebook page anyway. I am a very private person, and a bit agoraphobic, so it’s easier for me to write if I don’t have to worry about strangers being able to track me down. I’m sure you’re all very nice strangers, though.

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