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Rant about guns part 2…

So, I saw something on Facebook a few days ago. It said “Which of these signs will prevent another tragedy?” and then it shows a sign that says “All weapons are prohibited on these premises.” and another one that says “Staff heavily armed and trained. Any attempt to harm children will be met with deadly force”

My answer to the question posed is: NEITHER. No sign is going to stop someone from attempting to terrorize any building if they have made up their mind to do so. Most people who commit these type of crimes are not going to be deterred by a sign, no matter what it says. Most of them will not be in a state of mind to even bother to read the sign, if they even see it.

I have also seen something on Facebook the last couple of days that is a picture of 3 armed guards on a roof that says “SCHOOL OBAMA’S DAUGHTERS ATTEND HAS 11 ARMED GUARDS… BUT HE WON’T CONSIDER IT AN OPTION FOR YOUR KIDS”  … *sigh* Okay first of all, those “armed guards” at that school are probably Secret Service Agents. The President has no control over whether or not he or his family gets a Secret Service detail. That’s not to say that he probably isn’t grateful to have it, he probably is. But he does not decide how many Agents follow his daughters around. Also, what’s with the “Obama hates you all and wants you all too die” fear mongering? Is it really necessary? Anyway, I’m also fairly certain that Obama has nothing to do with individual school policies about security and whether or not to have armed security guards. Not to mention the fact that he’s probably never said that he would never consider it an option.

So the theme that these two posts from Facebook have in common is: more guns in our schools. I personally am not sure how I feel about having armed security guards in all schools. Might is deter some people? Yes. Might it help to lessen the severity of the damage done, if it doesn’t completely deter someone? Maybe. Is it a solution that will solve all of our problems? No. There were armed security guards at Columbine and Virginia Tech.

Another idea that has been talked about a lot is arming teachers. NO. If you want trained armed security in schools, okay. But don’t you dare make this the responsibility of the teachers. Having to learn how to operate a fire arm and having to carry a fire arm in school is nowhere in their job descriptions. Teacher’s are there to teach your children, that’s it. They already do so much more than that, but having to double as a security guard because people figure it will save money over hiring actual security guards is going way too far. Adding more guns into the mix is not the solution. The more guns there are in schools, the more likely it is that there will be accidents, or more planned attacks.

I’ve heard people talking about what could have been done in certain school shooting situations, if only the teachers had guns, like they think that life works out like in the movies. Life rarely works out as it does in the movies. More guns is not the answer.


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