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The joys of living in an apartment…

I’ve come to believe that my husband and I are cursed. See, for the last 8 1/2 years we have rented 3 different apartments, and have had horrible luck when it comes to our neighbors in every single one of them.

In the first apartment we lived on the ground floor. We had a patio area that we enclosed with some screening so our cat could spend time out there without escaping. One night, very late, we heard a loud crash outside our sliding glass door. When we looked out, our screening was torn down. Then there was a knock at the door. It was our upstairs neighbor. He explained to us that he was very sorry about our screening, and that he would fix it, but that he had to get out because “They” were after him, and he had to climb out from his balcony down to our patio in order to get away from them. Then he went back upstairs to his apartment. I have no idea what or how much he was smoking that night. He also, at some point in the future, gave us some (unsolicited) advice about how to properly secure our front door. You see, what we needed was a good 2×4 to wedge in between the door and the wall, you know because the locks that were already on the door weren’t enough? This was also the time when he complained to us about the fact that the apartment complex management wouldn’t allow him to have his guns in his apartment… Thank you apartment management, you probably saved our lives.

Then we moved into our next apartment. We were on the 2nd (top) floor there. Our downstairs neighbors there were pretty nice people, when they weren’t drunk off their asses of course. Unfortunately, they liked to get drunk off their asses pretty much every weekend. And they didn’t like to drink alone either, they had to have a whole bunch of people over. They were all the best of friends at the beginning of the evening, but by the end of the evening we were having to call the cops in order to stop them from killing each other in the drunken brawl that always ensued.

Which brings us to the apartment that we have been living in for the past 5 1/2 years. We live on the 3rd (top) floor here. We have had many downstairs neighbors come and go during those years, and they have all had one thing in common, they all just can’t seem to be quiet. Some of them don’t understand that you can listen to music without having to have the volume turned up as loud as it can go. Others don’t seem to realize that it’s rude to yell, cheer, and raucously laugh (all while blasting music) at 2 am. Or the ones that seem to think that they can be as loud as they want to be as long as it’s before 9 pm. (Our apartment complex has a quiet time from 9 pm to 9 am.) And then there are the ones that we’ve had to frantically call 911 on in order to break up the fights that sounded like they were trying to take down the entire apartment around them while they killed each other.

What I wouldn’t give for some nice quiet neighbors.