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Operation “Get My Ass Out of Bed”: Day Two

I planned on writing this post much earlier in the day, but I got distracted with Facebook, reading other people’s blogs, and long, long distance phone call.

I did manage to get up out of bed with my alarms 2 days in a row now. (Again, yay me!)  Although, me actually staying up and out of bed today might have something to do with the spectacular failure my blinds had this morning when I went to go and twist them open. Now you see, these blinds already had some issues. The plastic rod that you are supposed to hold onto to be able to twist them open broke a while ago. I super glued it back together, and then it fell apart again, so I gave up on it. Now that plastic rod probably broke because I was having to hold it out at just the right angle in order to get the blinds to open or close all the way… Anyway, so since the plastic rod broke I was standing on my tiptoes, with one eye open, holding onto the metal hook that the plastic thing was supposed to hook onto, and twisting that in order to open up the blinds. That was working out rather well, if not awkwardly, for the longest time… until this morning. This morning something broke and the metal hook came off in my hand. So I went and tried to open the blinds with the little plastic piece that the little hook was once attached to, until I accidentally unscrewed that and it too came off in my hand. I managed to screw it back in, and got the blinds into a closed position. From now on the blinds get pulled all the way open by the cords on the side… just like it’s sibling in the guest room that also had a spectacular failure a few weeks back. 

Maybe now that both of them have failed me, I’ll finally get around to calling the apartment office about it… or not. I hate calling to have maintenance come to my apartment. I never have any idea when (or if) they will finally show up. Last time we had problems with our blinds they let us come pick them up and install them ourselves, but the apartment complex is now “under new management”, so who knows what their policy is about these things. Also, last time we had issues with our blinds we found out that they had “A Guy” who fixed them for them… Can’t I just have new blinds that won’t fail me within a couple of months?

But, the point is, I got up and stayed up at the time that I was supposed to.

And that’s all that really counts, right?