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Operation “Get My Ass Out of Bed”: Day Three

Well, I did it. I got up out of bed with my alarms 3 days in a row. It should be a habit now, right? I will say that it was a good thing that I had 3 alarms set today though. If that 3rd one wasn’t set, I probably would have failed at getting up when I wanted to today.

I think, as a reward for reaching my goal of getting up with my alarms for 3 days straight and thus establishing a habit, I shall sleep in tomorrow!

Just kidding. I probably will stop with the daily updates about when I get up out of bed though. Unless of course the process of me getting up out of bed turns into something humorous, then I’ll probably blog about it… I know that you all just can’t go on with your day without hearing about me getting up out of bed! 🙂


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