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This is NOT a weight loss blog…

I want to make something very clear, my blog is not a blog about weight loss. It is not a blog about what foods are “good” for you and what foods should be avoided at all costs because of their ingredients. My blog will never be a blog about those things, because that is not what my life is about.

If you have come to my blog under the mistaken impression that I will be able to tell you how to finally lose those last 10 lbs that you think you need to lose in order for you to finally be “happy”, I’m sorry to tell you that you have wandered over to the wrong place. However, please don’t leave yet, because I might be able help you come to accept that you are good enough, no matter what you weigh.

If you have come to my blog hoping to find a clear and concise list of all of the “Good Foods” that you should be eating, as well a list of all of the “Horribly BAD and Evil Foods that you should never ever eat because if you do you shall surely die” , you, my friend have most definitely taken a wrong turn somewhere. But, again, I ask you to not leave just yet, because maybe I’ll be able to explain to you why I believe that there really is no such thing as a “Bad Food”.

If you have come to my blog with the intention of leaving comments about the secrets that you have learned to drop 50 lbs overnight, or why certain foods should never under any circumstances ever be eaten, please, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. I will not approve your comments that are basically just commercials for your own “This is not a diet… here is a list of rules for this diet.” blogs or websites. I don’t do this simply because I don’t value opinions that differ from my own, I do. It’s just that there are some “opinions” that I find harmful and misleading. I want this blog to be something that is entertaining, thought-provoking, and above all else helpful. If you can not follow those rules, please, don’t waste my time with leaving a comment that I will only end up not approving.

If, however, you want to leave comments about your experience with coming to accept yourself for you are right now, not once you’ve lost “the weight“, then please, feel free to do so. I am not an expert at this. I do not have it all figured out. I do not always like what I see when I look in the mirror, or when I step on a scale. I have yet to truly learn how to eat in a healthy manner. And by that I mean, not obsessing over when I eat, or what I’ll eat, or how much I’ll eat. Overall, not waiting so long to eat when I start to feel hungry that I get to the point of being shaky and light headed, simply because my feelings of hunger did not come on schedule.

Something else that I am still working on as well, is not judging other women. Or men, but mostly it’s the women that get my harshest automatic judgments. It’s an automatic way of thinking, that I am actively trying to change. I’m terrified of how other people see me, so I’ll go ahead and judge others the way I don’t want to be judged. Makes perfect sense , right? I am slowly rejecting the automatic thoughts that society has programmed me with. If you want to try to do so too, we can work on that together.

If you are wondering why I am so adamantly against labeling any food, or ingredient as “Bad”, it’s to put it simply, because it’s just not true. Also, because you should never tell someone who is struggling with an eating disorder that there are certain foods that they should not eat. They will more than likely take that list and expand upon it. Even if they don’t, they are getting a reassurance that their thinking that limiting foods is the way to go, is okay. There are eating disorders that are centered around obsessively only eating “good foods” and the thought of being near a “Bad food” causes panic.

In my mind, the only truly “Bad Food” is the one that you are actually allergic to. If you have no food allergies, then what foods you want to eat or not eat all depends on your tastes.

So, no, I do not think that processed foods are evil. I do not think that you can not have candy, or desserts. I even say go ahead and order whatever you want from that fast food restaurant.

My one rule? Don’t stuff yourself or starve yourself. Let’s say that you do order something from a fast food restaurant, if you start to feel full before you have finished everything that you ordered, you do not have to finish it. My husband and I sometimes end up with leftovers from fast food restaurants. And if you do end up eating too much? It’s not the end of the world. You can learn from this experience, and move on with living your life.

Also, variety and moderation. It obviously would be best if you didn’t eat nothing but fast food. But at the same time, it’s also not healthy to eat nothing but carrots either.

I should also make clear that I am not an exerciser. If other people truly enjoy that, that’s great. But, I pretty much never exercise simply for exercises’ sake. What I do enjoy is walking. I don’t often go out on walks just for the sake of it either though. If I lived in a better area in my city, I might. I do get a lot of exercise simply going out and running errands, or getting to a restaurant, or a shopping plaza, or mall. In order to do any of these things I have to walk to the nearest bus stop, and then walk to my destination from whatever is the closest stop the bus can get me to. Or I simply just walk. My husband and I regularly walk to places, or back from places that are a couple miles away, sometimes farther. In fact there are times when we could take a bus, but decide to walk instead. That is where I get my exercise. That and having to walk up 3 flights of stairs to get to my top floor apartment.

But the point of that last paragraph was, if you leave a comment about your strict exercise routine that keeps you “skinny”, don’t be surprised if I don’t approve it. If you are commenting about how much fun you had during your last hike, or how a certain type of exercise helps you to improve your mood, it will probably be approved. Just try not to be too preachy, okay? 🙂

If you have determined that you have not found your way to this blog in error, then welcome, and I hope you enjoy what I have to say. Just be aware that I have a lot of opinions, about a lot of topics other than just body image, and those will be included in this blog as well. I don’t ask that you agree with me about everything, I just ask that you be kind.



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