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My “About” page…

I just took the time to work on my about page a bit more than I did when I first wrote the beginning paragraph and called it good. I had just started my blog at that point and wasn’t really sure what this blog was going to become. I thought that Facebook would probably always remain my main obsession, and that I might only use this blog to post my opinions about things that I had seen on there. Instead of writing long, rant-y comments on peoples posts, and potentially alienating friends and family, I would go here and get whatever I needed to out of system. Then I would post a link to this blog on Facebook and people could choose to read it or not. And I really expected that most of them would choose “or not”, and that my audience would only be my husband and my Facebook friends (that will not read my blog).

I was frustrated with the whole process of creating this blog. I agonized over what to name it. ( I hate naming things) Then I agonized over what I wanted my name to be publicly displayed as, basically coming up with a new nick name for my self. ( Have I told you how much I hate naming things?) And then once that was done, I had to pick a theme. At first I was excited about all the free themes that there were to choose from, but that quickly descended into frustration that out of all of these themes not one of them did everything I wanted it to. So then I had to choose between the ones that were close enough, and I agonized over that as well.

And then there was the picture that I wanted to use as a header. I decided that I wanted to have some of my own original artwork be part of my blog. So my husband helped me scan my artwork into my computer. I knew which one I wanted to use. The one big problem was that it was on a white background, and I wanted it to be on a black background. No problem, I thought, I’ll just fix it using my computers paint program. Just a few clicks using the paint can fill feature, and I’ll be all set.

pic 5

Only, the art paper that I drew it on was too fibrous, and what looked like solid white to me, was in reality a bunch of different shades of white to my computer. Much swearing ensued at this point. But I was stubborn, and I really wanted to see what this drawing would look like with a black background. So I chose the Calligraphy brush tool, selected black, and got to work on coloring in the background. I colored in everything other than just around the shapes I had drawn, because I was afraid that they would not pop as much if I did that.

pic 5.1

But I didn’t like how it looked, so I proceeded to remove the white outlines.

pic 5.2

Whenever I look at that drawing now, I will always think of  The Wizard Of Oz, because I “watched” that, along with other things, while working on filling it in.

So it was after all this that I came to filling out my about page for the first time. I didn’t want to wait until I had written in it for a while to write something (cause I’m OCD) because I didn’t want what people saw when they came to my blog to be the “this is an example of a page.” paragraph. But I had no idea what to write, and frankly at this point I was frustrated that WordPress was asking me to define my blog, to introduce myself. So I wrote that quick little paragraph, called it good and moved on to agonizing over my first post.

I hope that my about page is much more presentable now to all of the readers that I never thought I’d have. (I was fairly correct about my Facebook friends not reading.)  Thanks for giving me a chance, even if I didn’t want to tell you about myself.