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A quick funny story…

Ever since I started blogging last year, okay technically it was only the last few days of the last month of last year… but anyway, Ever since I started blogging last year every time I would get a notification for reaching certain milestone for getting a certain number of likes, or comments, or people dumb enough, err  I mean highly intelligent  🙂 enough to start following my blog, each time I get one of those notifications I will turn my laptop toward my husband (who is sitting next me on the couch with his laptop) and proudly proclaim “I won!” Then usually he will respond “You won the inter-webs?” and I’ll say “Yes.” And then we’ll both go back to our respective typing. (Life in our apartment is extremely exciting. Not for the faint of heart…)

Today however I was able to show my husband an actual image linking to an actual award that I had actually won. (I think that we should get badges that we can display on our sites for all these little achievements that we are constantly getting notifications about… I like badges.)

Pondering Spawned recently shared about her experience in dealing with a sociopathic family member, and this inspired me to speak out about my relationship with my sister in a couple of ridiculously long  posts. When I wrote these posts, I did not think that anyone other than my husband was really likely to read them. I mostly did it for me, to put it out in the open, and have something to go back to remind myself of why I need to continue to stay strong and not allow myself to be victimized again. I decided to leave a comment on Pondering Spawned’s post, letting her know that she had inspired me, that linked back to my posts. And she actually read them.

Then she awarded me with the “Red Badge of Courage Award”. Being given this award really means a lot to me. I really didn’t expect anyone to read what I wrote, and I expected that if they did they would think that I was being overly dramatic and not “get it”. Knowing that other people “get” my situation helps me to feel a lot less alone. Which I suppose was another reason why I wrote those posts, so that if there were others out there who had been, or are currently going through a similar situation, that they might recognize that they are not alone and that they do not have to continue to be victims.

Thank you, Pondering Spawned, for the recognition.


Links to more posts about my relationship with my sister can be found on my “My Toxic Sister” page on this blog.


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