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Teddy Bear’s involuntary adventure…

My furry child, otherwise known as my cat, Teddy Bear, will be going on an involuntary adventure today. He wouldn’t need to go on this adventure if he would allow my husband and myself to trim his claws, but the time that we tried it years ago did not work out so well. So he now goes to the Vet’s office, and I let the professionals handle it.

He knows that something is up today, because last night we pulled his carrier out of the outside storage closet, and it’s been sitting in the living room since then. We have taken to pulling it out the night before, because he has tendency to run and hide whenever we open the sliding glass door because he associates it with his carrier.

He probably thinks that he has dodged a bullet today, because most of the time that he gets stuffed into his carrier it happens early in the morning when my husband gets up to bring him into the Vet. Because getting his claws trimmed doesn’t require him being there all day though, my husband and I will instead be stuffing in the carrier this afternoon.

He will then be carried out into the “Outside World” which is a big and scary place because he is a strictly indoor kitty. And it’s winter, and the temperature is well below freezing. So this will be an even more offensive outing.

He will then be forced to ride the bus with us to the Vet’s office. He’s a scaredy cat, so he is not a big fan of the bus and all of the strange and unknown people that he is always subjected to during his bus rides. He has also been offended by the one bus driver who had the audacity to “meow” at him as he boarded the bus with my husband one time. Not only are the people of the outside world strange and scary, but they are rude as well.

He is not a fan of the Vet’s office, but he is always very well behaved and everyone there likes him. Instead of using the “fight for your life tactic” he tries to make himself as small and quiet as he possibly can in the hopes that maybe the mean old people at the vet’s office won’t notice his presence. It never works though. At least he won’t be getting a thermometer stuck up his ass today. Just a manicure and pedicure.

We were told after the last time that he was in to have his claws trimmed that when they began, he just froze. Now if he would have just reacted that way at home he wouldn’t be having to go on this little adventure today.