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You can’t reason with unreasonable people…

It’s  been a couple days since my last post. I meant to post something the last couple days, but I just never seemed to get around to it. This blog was originally created to be a place where I could voice my opinions of things that I read on my friends walls on Facebook. Instead of getting into a commenting war, or posting a really long status update that no one would read, I would post my thoughts in this blog (where most of my Facebook friends still wouldn’t read them).  It’s not like I don’t still have friends posting things on Facebook that drive me crazy, that make me want reach through the computer and shake them (or punch them). Some of the things that my friends post frustrate me to no end. What frustrates me even more though is when I take the time to provide facts to people, and when they comment back to me it is obvious that they will continue to cling to whatever their latest conspiracy theory is, regardless of facts that prove their “theory” to be based on lies. There are people who have decided that nothing can be trusted but the information that they gain from their one trusted source, and any evidence that is presented to them that goes against what they have decided is the “truth”, is all a part of a sinister cover up. And some of these people happen to be on my friends list.

So there are a lot of things on my mind, a lot of things that I could probably rant about, but it feels like an exercise in futility. What’s  the point in explaining reality to someone that is refusing to let go of their paranoid delusions, and is distrustful of reality, if not outright hostile toward it?

So I read the latest string of crazy things that is posted on my friends’ walls, and I become offended and angry. But most of all I feel sad that there will never be any getting through to these people. That they will continue to live their lives believing that everyone is out to get them, and that no one can be trusted. Including their friend that is offering them a way out of the craziness.

So I removed some people from my friends list, and I hid the posts of others so that  I will no longer have to watch as their posts become more and more detached from reality.

Because you just can’t reason with unreasonable people.