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The truth behind the lies…

In one of my recent posts I talked about the things that anorexia whispers to me in my mind. How it tries to convince me that I really do feel better not eating.

But here are the things that anorexia hopes that I won’t notice, so that I will continue to listen to the lies that it whispers to me.

It hopes that I will soon forget how weak I feel when I don’t eat. How I have to be careful to not stand up too fast so as not to black out. Or how I can not trust that I will have the strength to remain standing for any amount of time.

Most of all it hopes that I will forget the terrifying feeling of my heart racing, not because I have exerted myself, but simply because it’s  been too long since I’ve last had something to eat.

It hopes that I will forget these things, that I will think that they are worth it for the lies that it tells me.

It’s wrong though, I won’t forget.

The lies aren’t worth feeling this way…



4 thoughts on “The truth behind the lies…

  1. I was just explaining about my inner negativity to someone. It’s a bully, and it bullies me harder when I see myself succeeding in my eating habits.


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