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Eating has not ended my world…

Since my last post where I talked about not believing the lies that anorexia tries to whisper to me, I have been making conscious effort to eat. And not just eat something, once a day, and call it good. I have been eating 3 meals a day, (most days) plus snacks some days. I was trying to tell myself that I was not worried about the weight that I might be gaining, that I was more than a number on a scale. But when it came time to step on the scale this morning ( I have cut the times that I weigh myself down to once a week) I was nervous. I was convinced that since I had actually been feeding my body, that I had probably gained a bunch of weight.

But when I stepped on the scale, I instead found that I had lost a couple pounds from last week. I fed my body as it needed to be fed, and my world didn’t end! 

There is life outside of the eating disorder, and it can be a very good life. You are good enough, and you are worth living a good, happy, healthy, life.


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