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I meant to post again sooner than this….

So life has continued to get in the way of me blogging as often as I planned. Things are still going well. Which is part of the reason why my writing in my blog has suffered. I find it easier to sit down and write when there is something that has got me all riled up, which was why I created this blog when I started to rant a lot on Facebook about various things that had caught my attention. Lately though, I have been happily distracted. I used to watch a lot of TV, which is part of where the inspiration for my rants would come from. I’ve barely turned on my TV at all now for the past few weeks, and I don’t really miss it at all. Not quite ready to give up my cable just yet though, there are still a few shows that I enjoy watching. Plus, I know myself. I go through cycles, and at some point soon I may go back to watching a lot more TV again.

My sleep schedule has suffered though. I got myself back on a schedule, even chronicled it here on my blog, and then life happened again. This time around though, I’m not as worried about my sleep schedule. It’ll figure itself out. The last time that I wanted to get myself back on a schedule was mostly to battle some seasonal depression that was cropping up. Sleeping in later meant less hours up while the sun was up, which would make it worse. I have some days lately where I probably should be getting up earlier than I am, but it’s not effecting me as much right now, so I’m not as worried.

I did something this weekend that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. When I was in high school I once dyed my hair completely purple. I’ve wanted to put some purple in my hair again for a while now, and finally did it this weekend. My hair is much longer than it was back in high school, so I decided not to dye all of my hair again just yet. Instead I did one streak of purple. Since I’m anonymous on this blog I wanted to post a picture of it that didn’t show my face. Good thing my hair is really long…




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