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Why hello there 8am, do you think you could come a little later next time…

Well, it seems that operation “Get My Ass Out Of Bed” is going to be starting up again. This is not by my choosing though. Yesterday I received a notice from my apartment complex informing me that starting tomorrow (today now) there will be a plumbing company working on replacing and fixing the plumbing in the ceilings of the apartments in my building. They will be working on this for the next 4 weeks. This doesn’t mean that they will be in my apartment everyday for the next 4 weeks, but that they will be randomly showing up sometime during the day to turn off my water and do god knows what to my apartment at random times for the next 4 weeks. Now it is possible that they will show up and work on the plumbing in my apartment and finish all the work that they need to do in my apartment in 1 or 2 days or so, but that’s not what I’m expecting. No, in my experience, when work gets done in this apartment complex the workers show up randomly, work in your apartment, disappear without letting you know if they are done or are planning on coming back that day, then show up again at some random point in the future to hopefully actually finish whatever it is that they started the last time that they were in your apartment.

Something that you all should know about me is that I am a professional worrier. Like, somebody should seriously pay me for this. (Anybody? Please?) I love living in this apartment complex most of the time, but I hate it when I have to allow maintenance into my apartment to do work. Actually, I hate having to allow anybody into my apartment for any reason. My apartment is my safe place, the place where I should be able to go and hide from the rest of the world. Random people should not be able to let themselves into my apartment and mess up my day. And that brings me to one of my worries. The workers should knock or ring the bell (both things that induce panic anyway) and wait for me to answer before using the key that I’m sure that the office will provide them with in order to allow themselves into my apartment. But in my experience most workers seem to assume that every apartment is going to be empty during the day because the people who live there are at work. So they do not wait very long before they decide that they get let themselves into my apartment. I do not want to have to let anyone into my apartment, but I would much rather let you in than have you randomly barge in on me. And in order to make sure that they don’t barge in on me while I’m still in bed sleeping, I have decided to start getting up at 8am again. I was okay with this when it was my idea, not so much now that it’s because strangers are going to entering my apartment.

Then there is the fear that one of the workers will leave the door open and my furry child (aka my cat Teddy Bear) will escape through said open door. I may not like strangers, but my cat is absolutely terrified of them. Possibly terrified enough to overcome his terror of the outside world. My cat is strictly an indoor cat and would not survive outside of my apartment. Especially not since I live right next to the intersection of 2 main roads.

And even though they said in the notice that they will be turning the water back every evening before they leave, I am worried that they will forget. My apartment complex management is notoriously hard to get a hold of as well. So I’m picturing going a weekend without running water.

Well, looking on the bright side, since I am expecting the worst anything better than that will be a pleasant surprise right?


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  1. I read somewhere that worrying all the time is like carrying an umbrella around all the time waiting for it to rain. Maybe you should carry an umbrella around with you inside, in case the plumbers decide to make it rain inside the apartment. And I am not helping…


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