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And why can’t we encourage people to accept themselves the way they are…

I was reading other people blogs again earlier when I came across this one. It was a very short blog post, just titled “Seriously?”  (The author of the blog is not encouraging this.) and with this picture.


But it made me so angry. This is not okay. We should not be encouraging each other to strive for things like this! Why is having a “thigh gap” so important? Why can’t we all encourage each other to be happy and love ourselves for who we are right now? It doesn’t matter how big or small  your body is right now, it still deserves to be loved and respected. You only get one. Starving it, exercising it too much, forcing it to purge is not how we should be treating our bodies!

Personally, I do NOT want a “thigh gap”. Why don’t I want one, even though the media has clearly told me that I need one in order to be worthwhile and “sexy”? Because I think that they look gross. I do not want to be that skinny. In fact, maybe I don’t want to be any “skinnier” than I am now. Yes, Even though I am currently considered “overweight”, maybe I’m fine with how my body looks now. Is there really anything wrong with that? It’s MY body. And if I choose to love it when it’s an american size 14, what the hell should it matter to anyone else? I am 5 feet 6 inches tall, and I weigh around 160 lbs.


I am technically “overweight” and recently had a quick, but extremely scary relapse into my own eating disorder. There is a part of me that still says that I shouldn’t eat as much as I do, that I should weigh less, that my stomach should be smaller. But you know what? That little voice can go to hell. I’m done. I don’t care what the media tries to tell me, I am enough, just the way I am now. I am beautiful just the way I am now. I am sexy just the way I am now. I do not need to fit someone else’s ideal mold of “perfect”. 

I am now going to do something that I never thought I’d do on this blog. I am going to attach some pictures of what my body looks like. I will not include my face, but not because I am ashamed of my body. Only because this blog is anonymous. I have no reason to be ashamed of my “overweight” body. I do not need to apologize for not looking like the people in the magazines. This is me, and I’m okay with it. I really hope that all of you can learn to be okay with your body, no matter what size it is. You are all beautiful. 

ImOkay1 ImOkay2
(Yes, I’m even unashamed of my PJ bottoms.)


7 thoughts on “And why can’t we encourage people to accept themselves the way they are…

  1. Thank you for this post. It was so brave and it really made me pause and think. Not to say I’m just maigcally not thinking about being thinner-smaller-slimmer anymore, but your words were helpful and healing.
    Warm thoughts

    P.S. I think you are beautiful 🙂 And your jammy pants look comfy.


    1. You’re welcome. I’m still kind of in shock myself that I actually posted it. But I am glad that I did. If the things that I write can help at least one person, even just a little bit, then it’s worth it. 🙂

      And thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂 You have no idea how much being told that someone thinks I’m beautiful means to me.
      And my jammy pants are comfy. 🙂


      1. I glad to be able to tell you 🙂

        And you definitely helped one person. Goal accomplished! I looking forward to reading more about you. Browsing a couple of your entries has certainly pique my interest 😉


  2. I think we all need to just be comfortable in our skin – if we are happy with who we are then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says. Easier said than done, of course; both being happy with who we are and not worrying about how we are perceived by others. But, if we can get to that point where we are all happy with who we are and how we look, then the second will cease to be important anyway because the reasons for the judging and comparing and everything else will have disappeared.


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