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My new best friend, “Mario” the plumber…

So I’m sitting here having coffee with my new best friend. I just met him this morning when he showed up and knocked on my door waaay to early. Luckily, I had gotten up just early enough to get myself dressed and pull my hair back into a ponytail. (Hopefully the ponytail will hide what a mess it is somewhat, as I haven’t yet had a chance to brush it out today.) Which means that I got up out of bed today waaay, waaaay too early. After staying up way too late yet again last night. I was never meant to be a morning person… but anyway, back to my new best friend. I call him “Mario” because I don’t in fact know his real name. Plus, this is his company van.

(Sorry for the horrible picture quality, but I’m not about to open my door to get a better picture. It’s COLD out there)

Okay, so I haven’t actually called him “Mario” to his face. And he’s not really the best guest to have over for coffee either. I’m sitting here drinking my coffee, he’s off cutting holes in my walls. Lots and lot’s of holes in my walls. And making loud banging sounds. And using things that make fire (probably an acetylene torch, but what do I know. I am not a plumber lol), and causing my apartment to smell bad. And he made the magic that causes water to come from my faucets when I turn the knobs go away.

“Mario” also happens to have a partner. I met him when I heard somebody messing with keys in my already unlocked door after I had let “Mario” in. He seemed to be a bit flustered when the door opened on him. Then he cheerily said “Good Morning!” and stammered something about just trying to figure out which one of these keys fits the lock on my door. I wonder if he realized how unnecessary of an exercise this was, seeing as I opened the door for him and therefore was clearly home. And if it was a “good” morning, I would still be in bed sleeping… Anyway, “Mario’s” partner happened to be taller and thinner than “Mario” (I swear I’m not making this up!) and therefore I call  him… “Luigi”. 🙂

So, “Mario” is working in my apartment and “Luigi” is working with him from the apartment bellow. Which is fine with me, because I like “Mario” better. He seems nicer and is funny. It’s possible that “Luigi” might have been nicer and funnier if our first meeting wasn’t so startling and unexpected for him. But, I like people who can think on their feet. “Mario” seems to be able to do that, “Luigi” not so much.

One thing that I like about both “Mario” and “Luigi” though, they work quickly. They were only in my apartment for a few hours and have got all of the pipes replaced and the water turned back on. I think that I might love “Mario” a bit too. I think that he might be the first worker that came into my apartment and actually cleaned up after himself before leaving. I mean, he mopped up the mess that he left on my bathroom floor! To be honest, I’m not sure when the last time was that mopped my bathroom floor…

They did leave holes in my walls though. So the plumbing is all done, but now I have to wait for the guy who does drywall to come and fix the holes. And while I’m waiting, think of a “clever” nickname to call him by…


5 thoughts on “My new best friend, “Mario” the plumber…

  1. Mart-y (Wal-Mart)? Is that too much of a pun for today? Maybe. You could always go with Leon (the professional); I know he’s a “cleaner” and not a dry wall guy, but he is sort of cleaning up the situation, right? On that vein, you could also go with Mr. Wolf. Any of those working for you? If not, let me know and I’ll see what else I can come up with…


    1. “Mart-y” That had me literally laughing out loud. I am ashamed to admit that I had to Google the other two references though… I have seen a lot of movies, but apparently not enough. 🙂
      I could always call him “Wally” since he’ll be working on the walls. 😉 Not to be confused with “Wall-E” of course, unless the dry wall guy happens to be a robot. In which case I promise to take and post a bunch of photos. Because, alas, it looks like I might have till Monday to come up with a nickname. I got up early and have been waiting all day, but although I have heard them working in other apartments, they have not yet found their way to mine.
      I thank you for your help on the important task of coming up with a better nick name than “dry wall guy”. 🙂


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