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Living in a construction zone is making me crazy…

So on Thursday the plumbers came to replace all the pipes in my apartment. They finished all of their work, but left a bunch of holes in my walls for the drywall guy (I still haven’t come up with a good nickname for him…) to fix. My hope was that those holes would be fixed on Friday. No such luck though. I heard people working on other apartments in my building, but they never made it to mine. So, in other words, I got up early and waited around all day for no good reason. And I will have to get up early again tomorrow (Monday) just in case they do find their way to my apartment. But, even once the holes are fixed, that still won’t be the end of it, because they will still need to be repainted. And I have no idea who will be doing that, or how long it will be before they get around to it.

But since I know that the construction is not completed, I have not wanted to bother to clean up the dusty mess that has been left behind. (“Mario” was not as great at mopping or vacuuming as I first thought…) I figure, why bother to clean the place when it’s just going to get all dusty and dirty again once they come to fix the holes in the walls?

On top of the fact that my apartment is dirty, it’s also feeling distinctly cluttered. I hate clutter. Because the hole that they needed to cut in the living room wall is behind a small bookcase, we decided to make the bookcase easier to move once the drywall guy shows up. So, we emptied all the books off of it, and they are all now piled up on my dining room table. They had to move some plastic sets of drawers that we had in our walk-in closet in order to cut the hole in that wall, so those are now in the middle of my closet. I also moved my cat’s food and water dishes into the guest room, along with his litter box. They don’t need to do any work in that room, so it seemed like the perfect place to shut my cat away while the workers are here. So those things are out of place as well.

Now, because there is nothing that I can really do about any of this cluttered mess that my apartment has become until after the construction is over, my O.C.D. is deciding to flare up in other ways that I had had under control for a while now. And it’s pissing me off.

So on top of this, I finally got a new full size dryer delivered yesterday to replace the compact dryer that I had been using for years. I love the dryer, and this would be very good news… if not for the fact that the delivery guy let us know that our apartment’s dryer vent connection is complete and utter crap. So he was not able to hook up the dryer vent. After he left, my husband took a closer look at the dryer vent connection. He then informed me that they are probably going to have to cut another hole in my wall in order to fix it. Great, that’s just wonderful. We attempted to contact the office yesterday to let them know that they needed to fix this for us ASAP, but even though the office was supposed to be open, no one was there. Which really didn’t surprise me.

I really needed to get some loads of laundry done over this weekend though, so I was really happy that I had decided to hang on to the dryer vent bucket thing that we had. I never thought I’d use it again, but I held onto it just in case. Boy, was I happy that I did yesterday. This is not going to help my pack-rat tendencies any though…


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