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“Felix” had a partner, I call him “Ralph”…

So after posting my last blog post today, I found out that “Felix” had a partner that was working with him. I didn’t immediately have a nickname for him, and was considering not bothering mentioning him, until I inspected my apartment once they were both gone for the day. That is when “Felix’s” partner earned the nickname “Ralph”… can any of you see where I’m going with this?

So, after lunch break was over, “Ralph” was the one to knock on my door. He very quickly put a second coat of plaster on my walls and then said something about going to get the vacuum and that he would be right back. This was when I realized the the painting would definitely have to be done another day. Then “Felix” came in and scraped some of the plaster off of my bathroom floor. It’s not perfect, but at least they cleaned up after themselves some. They vacuumed up the floor some, picked up their drop cloths and other supplies, and left without a word. I waited a bit and assumed that they were done for the day and locked the door.

Then I inspected my apartment. First place I looked was the bathroom floor, and I was satisfied with what I saw there. But then I looked in my laundry room and discovered that they had dripped plaster on my fairly new washing machine. This was frustrating, but I knew that it could probably be cleaned fairly easily, so I decided to try to let it go. Until, I walked into my closet to find my husband staring at plaster that had been dripped all over his suit jackets and dress shirts. That, my friends, is when I lost it and “Ralph” earned his nickname.

Now, to be fair, I don’t know which one of the workers dripped plaster on my husband’s clothes or my washing machine. But since I had already nicknamed the first worker earlier, the second one I met gets  the nickname “Ralph” from… you guessed it, “Wreck-it Ralph”.

By some miracle there did happen to be someone in the office today. So they were made aware of the situation and the drywall company will be held responsible for the costs of cleaning my husband’s clothes. While my husband was in the office he also made them aware of the fact that our dryer vent connection needs to be fixed. (Surprise, surprise. They never got the message we left with the answering service on Saturday. The one we left while the office was supposed to be open…) Someone will be here on Wednesday to take a look at it. Here’s hoping that doesn’t turn into a huge ordeal…

But since the holes have been patched up and any additional work that will need to be done shouldn’t be dusty, I’m now able to clean and de-clutter my apartment some. At least I’m much closer to getting my apartment back.


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