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Quick construction update…

So, although I got up early and waited around all day last Wednesday, no workers showed up. I had been told that someone from maintenance would show up on Wednesday to fix my dryer vent connection, but no one showed. When my husband went to the office we found out that there was no maintenance guy working that day… So let me get this straight, you scheduled maintenance to be done on my apartment when you didn’t have a maintenance guy working? And you couldn’t be bothered to call me and let me know that you made a mistake, and that someone would be by tomorrow instead most likely? Oh, wait, I’m sorry. I forgot that my time isn’t important. Carry on…

While my husband was in the office he also found out that the painting that still needs to be done in my apartment probably will not be happening until the end of this month, or possibly not until next month. You couldn’t have told us this… Oh, wait, that’s right, my time’s not important. I keep forgetting. Sorry.

The maintenance guy did show up on Thursday though. He came in, tinkered around loudly in my laundry room, left briefly for more supplies, and then announced that my dryer vent was now properly connected. Then when my husband got home, we fixed his work. Nothing major, he just left the dryer hose far too long. So my husband shortened it so that it would be less of a fire hazard and then reconnected it to the back of the dryer. I can now use my dryer properly and it makes me very happy.

I was also able to de-clutter my apartment. Since the painting won’t be done for while yet, there was no reason not to put our apartment back together and clean it. We put it mostly back together on Wednesday night, and then Sunday turned into spring cleaning day. I have my apartment back, minus some missing paint, but I can live with that. If you ask me, the spots of bare plaster on the walls add some personality to the place. 🙂