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The brief return of “Felix” and “Ralph”…

You know how I just love to start my day? With someone pounding on my door and ringing my doorbell while I’m still asleep in bed. You know what makes it even better? If when I make it to the door after fumbling on a robe, I get there just in time to open the door that the person on the other side has already unlocked and has started to open.

This was how my day started today. And let’s just nevermind the fact that I should have been up and out of bed about 15 mins before the door pounding started…

Anyway, “Felix” was back to sand the plaster that they put up a couple of weeks ago. At least he was in and out of here quickly. But while he was here, I had to keep going along behind him and picking up and moving the stuff that he was so carelessly moving anywhere. After the incident with my husband’s suit jackets, I wasn’t going to just let “Felix” run around my apartment unsupervised. I managed to get to the closet before him and move all of my husband’s clothes out of the way, but while I was doing that “Felix” unplugged one of those plug-in air freshener things that I’ve got in my hallway and just set it down on it’s side on my carpet. The way they tell you never to store it because the liquid will leak out… So I quickly picked that up and stored it somewhere else. Then I realized that he had already moved the towels that I had out on the the towel rack in my bathroom. He’d just tossed them on the counter… with his dusty hands. He actually told me “Oh no, it’s okay.” when I went and turned around the bathroom scale that he had already moved before I could get there. Really dude? If the owner of the stuff that you are messing with comes and decides to turn around something that you have so carelessly moved because they are worried about it getting ruined, you just keep your mouth shut and continue to do your job. What the owner of the stuff that you are messing with does with said stuff is none of your concern. (Yeah, I get a little cranky when people decide to let themselves into my apartment when I would still like to be in bed sleeping…) Plus, while “Felix” was here to do his sanding, did he bother to put down a drop cloth? Nope. He did vacuum up before leaving, but that doesn’t make my freshly mopped bathroom floor any less in need of a mopping again.

Then, a few minutes after “Felix” took his vacuum and left someone else started knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell. It was “Ralph” and he had a vacuum… He said to me, “I think I’m supposed to vacuum here?” I was like, “Nope, the other guy already did it.”

At least that should be the last interaction that I should have to have with “Felix” and “Ralph” for a while. And the painting should be done by our newly hired maintenance man in about a month or so… I wonder how long this apartment complex has been going without a maintenance man?

Today wasn’t all bad though. I finally got around to painting my nails again. 🙂



4 thoughts on “The brief return of “Felix” and “Ralph”…

  1. Ugh. We recently had the acoustic (popcorn) ceiling in our condo removed and then the ceiling re-textured and re-painted. And the two men who did the job did a fairly decent job of putting drop cloths everywhere (and I mean everywhere, walking through my house while the tarps were up was like walking through a semi-opaque maze), the mess still got everywhere. They tried to clean up before they left but six months later we were still finding pockets of leftover popcorn and/or paint. I think we were lucky in that all of their work was “up,” because they didn’t have to really move anything (and we had totally cleaned out all our closets before they started so there was no risk of any clothes getting ruined). Can’t imagine people coming in and just moving things without first asking permission and second asking for where they should put it.


    1. Yeah, I’m grateful to them for moving the heavy things like bookcases and stuff out of their way by themselves, but stuff like clean towels and breakable stuff? I am *very* particular about my stuff, just ask my husband…
      And finding that air freshener thing just lying on it’s side in the hallway nearly unhinged me. I’ve got a cat, and as much as I like the smell of apples & cinnamon, I don’t need my cat rubbing that stuff all over his fur. Not to mention that it might be toxic to him… Plus I was envisioning “Felix” stepping on it because he was never very aware of his surroundings the entire time he was in my apartment…


      1. Yeah, the air freshener thing would have sent me over the edge. it all goes back to common sense and decency which we seem to be running lower and lower supply of these days.


  2. This comment is not about this post (though I do like this post!). Lol, interesting disclaimer, I’m tired, can you tell? I’m working on your image, I’m loving working on your image. Oh my gosh, I’ve created so many new brushes making your image for you!!! I can’t wait to finish it, and share it with you, I hope you love it as much as I love your blog!

    You got reblogged today, btw, Your post on Toxic Masculinity was reblogged on Women who think too much (it popped up in my reader pane just now), kudos to you!

    Happy blogging!


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