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Let the search for a new apartment begin…

For those of you who have been reading my long ass story about my past, I promise that I will continue on with it soon. Right now I feel the need to tell the story of what is currently going on in my life.

My husband and I have been living in the same apartment for the past 5 or so years. We first moved into it because we had been renting a condo from on of my husband’s old coworkers and found out on very short notice that we were going to have to move out of the condo because our landlord needed to sell it because he was in trouble for not paying taxes… or something like that. Whatever the reason, we needed to move fast and there were not a whole lot of places that we could afford in the area. We were very lucky to be able to get an apartment at the complex that we live at now. In fact we almost didn’t. We had given them a security deposit, but then we got a call saying that the apartment that they thought was going to be opening up actually wasn’t. There were a few frantic hours of worrying and then the apartment complex called us back and said that they had found another apartment in the complex that we could move into, and it was in a better location.

October252012 September102012 View172012
Look at the view I have from my balcony. Much better than the inside of someone else’s apartment.

The first time that we actually saw our apartment was when we were moving into it. We weren’t all that impressed at first, but it was big and we could afford the rent. We slowly came to like parts of our apartment and outright love others. (like our huge bathroom and huge walk-in closet attached to the bathroom and the master bedroom.) And over the years we’ve come to like the entire apartment even more as they have done little improvements here and there. Like taking out the old hideous linoleum floor and putting down a much nicer linoleum floor. And there have been the little improvements that we have made ourselves over the years. We changed out the lights in the living room and master bedroom for ceiling fans. We also replaced the ugly chandelier in the dining room with a much prettier one.

Ugly ass chandelier Dining Room 7-2012 1
The picture on the left is of the ugly ass chandelier that came with the apartment. The one on the right is of the much prettier one that we replaced it with.

This apartment was never our first choice in places to live, but over the years it has become our home.

But also over the years the price of our rent has slowly been going up. One of the reasons why we have stayed in this apartment for as long as we have is because the amount of money we were saving by living here was worth the few inconveniences that we had to put up with. This apartment is not the nicest or newest. The windows really need to be replaced, the sound proofing is pretty much non-existent and so on. One of the biggest inconveniences with this apartment is the “air conditioning”. This apartment doesn’t have central air like we thought it would when we moved into it over 5 years ago. No, instead it has something called a “swamp cooler”. This is not air conditioning. It doesn’t cool the air as well and it’s extremely noisy. And it’s unreliable. It was 88.5 degrees inside my apartment today because my swamp cooler has not been turned on for the season yet. (Fun fact: I was able to find some way to attempt to cool my apartment today that is even louder than running my swamp cooler. Running my window fans, ceiling fans and 1 stand fan all at the same time. It’s not doing so great in the cooling department though…) So every year, at the beginning and the end of the summer, we have to deal with extremely hot temperatures inside of our apartment because maintenance hasn’t turned on the swamp coolers yet or because the swamp coolers have already been turned off for the season. We also tend to go at least half our summers for the last 3 or so years, after they have turned on the swamp cooler on, without any air conditioning at all because our swamp cooler breaks down several times a summer.

But even with all of the hassle over the summers, we have still decided that it’s a fair trade off because of the amount of money that we save on rent living here.

Until this year…

On Saturday I stopped and chatted with one of my neighbors. (Actually the only neighbor that I ever actually talk to…) She asked me if my husband and I were going to be staying or if we were planning on moving. Our lease is up in November, so we aren’t going anywhere until after then, so I said that yes we were staying. The apartment complex has been doing a lot renovations lately, some of which I have blogged about. (You can read the first blog post about that here.) Most recently they have repainted the exterior of the buildings. (My interior walls still have not been repainted however…) My neighbor told me that they have some even bigger plans for our apartments though. They will be tearing up all of the flooring and replacing it all with fake hardwood flooring. Sound nice, right? It would be if it didn’t mean that my husband and I would have to move all of our crap from one end the apartment to the other and back again in order for them to do this. All of it, huge, heavy, bulky crap included.

Oh hell no.

Plus, I like my carpeting thank you very much…

They would also be replacing the counter tops in the kitchen and the bathroom. Painting/replacing the cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom. And giving us a new stove.

I’ll take the new stove please, you can keep everything else. Including the washer and dryer that you now have decided that you need to provide in all apartments. We just bought ourselves a new washer and dryer set. We aren’t interested in having to try to sell or store ours just to use whatever set the apartment complex decides to put in our apartment.

And we certainly aren’t interested in having to pay over $100 more in rent every month after being forced to live through major renovations (that will not include an upgrade to central air) and having to give up our washer and dryer that we just bought. Especially since some of that increase in rent is fees that used to be included in the price of our rent. And a parking space fee, for a parking space that other people park in because we don’t have a car. I also have a feeling that they will probably finally realize that they should be charging us pet rent for my furry child cat, Teddy Bear. The policy for pets changed a couple years after we moved in, but when we asked them about it the first time that we renewed our lease after the policy change they said that we didn’t have to worry about it. I have a feeling that the new management might feel differently about us not paying all the fees that they could be collecting from us than the old management did.

So we have finally come to the tipping point where the bad things about this apartment now outweigh the good. The good thing is that they will be doing the renovations on our apartment after our current lease is up. I have no interest in having to live through any major renovations, or in giving up my new washer and dryer set, so we plan on moving into a new apartment in November. But first we have to find one… like the title of this post says, let the search for a new apartment begin…