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More new artwork- 7/29/13…

This latest bit of artwork started out as something that my husband was drawing until he discovered that it wouldn’t work out the way that he wanted it to using his “rules” for these types of drawings. He does almost all of his graph paper drawings in black and white, and the coloring has to alternate between black and white without a black space touching a another black space or a white space touching another white space. He got as far as drawing the second layer when he discovered that it wouldn’t work. I saw it really liked the look of it. I pointed out to him that if you used more than just black and white, it could work. He gave me his original drawing and told me to go ahead and use it if I wanted to. So I copied the first two layers to another piece of graph paper, and used color instead of black and white, then added the third and final layer. The end result is one of my favorite graph paper drawings that I’ve done yet.

pic 31
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