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Music and random pictures…

I know I just recently posted a random shuffle song list, but I finally took the time to do one using my entire music library, so you will be getting yet another one from me today. I know you must all be super excited for that…

I’ve also decided after over a year of this blog being in existence to be a little less anonymous. I’m going to share some pictures of myself that actually show my face. I figure that if any of my friends and family stumble across this blog, they could easily figure out that it’s mine anyway, so why continue to hide? So here goes. This is what I actually look like:


Also, I want to share more of what my style is than just my nail polish choices. I have no idea how I should be dressing in order to “dress my age”, and I’m not really sure that I care. If I like it and I can afford it and I can find it in my size, I will wear it. Here are some examples of that. My favorite tee shirts:

IMG_20140124_181325 IMG_20140124_183048

Here are some more examples of my style:

IMG_20130209_164603 IMG_20130214_162604 IMG_20130315_231815 IMG_20130316_112143

These were all taken last year some time. Here are some more recent bathroom mirror selfies pictures:

IMG_20140124_153641 IMG_20140124_153813

And since it’s winter and we can’t afford to turn up the heat, here’s what all those cute tee shirts usually get hidden under:


I’ll have to do a post just based on all of the hoodies I own at some point… but this is the one that get’s worn most often.

Okay, so now on to the random shuffle music list: entire music library edition. Here are 75 songs that you will find in my music library. I did not actually listen to all of these songs as I was making the list, I did skip a lot of them, but I do own all of them…

1.) Bad Seed – Metallica
2.) The Corner – Staind
3.) What About Now – Daughtry
4.) Vodevil – Marilyn Manson
5.) Breakdown – Breaking Benjamin
6.) …And Justice For All – Metallica
7.) Come Sail Away – Styx
8.) Devour – Marilyn Manson
9.) Let It Go – Cavo
10.) Lonely Day – System Of A Down
11.) Fire in the Hole – Skid Row
12.) Paralyzer – Finger Eleven
13.) Angels Would Fall – Melissa Etheridge
14.) You’re So Vain – Marilyn Manson
15.) Wicked Garden – Stone Temple Pilots
16.) Voodoo – Godsmack
17.) Sunny Came Home – Shawn Colvin
18.) May It Be – Enya
19.) Evolution – KoRn
20.) Sugarcoat – Breaking Benjamin
21.) Always (Off the “This Left Feels Right” album) – Bon Jovi
22.) What I Want – Daughtry
23.) Something To Believe In – Poison
24.) Pocket Full Of Gold – Vince Gill
25.) Without You – Dixie Chicks
26.) Need To Be Next To You – Sara Evans
27.) I Want To Be Loved – Bon Jovi
28.) Two Story Town – Bon Jovi
29.) Gnossienne No. 1 – Erik Satie
30.) Para-noir – Marilyn Manson
31.) Symphony No. 6 in B Minor, Opus 74 – Fourth Movement – Pyotr Tchaikovsky
32.) Concerto for Flute and Harp in C Major k299- Second Movement – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
33.) Have A Drink On Me – AC/DC
34.) Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World – Marilyn Manson
35.) Yesterday – The Beatles
36.) Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne
37.) So Far Away – Staind
38.) Far Away – Nickelback
39.) Your Star – Evanescence
40.) When It’s Over – 3 Doors Down
41.) How Far – Martina McBride
42.) I Want You To Want Me – Dwight Yoakam
43.) Sin Wagon – Dixie Chicks
44.) No Leaf Clover – Metallica
45.) Pushing Up Daisies – Garth Brooks
46.) Disobedience – KMFDM
47.) Galileo – Indigo Girls
48.) Burn It to the Ground – Nickelback
49.) No Surprise – Daughtry
50.) Where The Wild Things Are – Metallica
51.) Damage, Inc. – Metallica
52.) Promises – The Cranberries
53.) The Creation Of Man – Scarlet Pimpernel (Original Broadway Cast)
54.) (You Can Still) Rock In America – Night Ranger
55.) Calling All Angels – Train
56.) Over The Rainbow (Live) – Martina McBride
57.) Fixxxer – Metallica
58.) Hero Of The Day – Metallica
59.) Stupify – Disturbed
60.) The Fight Song – Marilyn Manson
61.) Runaway – Avril Lavigne
62.) The Logical Song – Supertramp
63.) Leaving Las Vegas – Sheryl Crow
64.) Pistol Whipped – Marilyn Manson
65.) Live and Let Die – Guns N’ Roses
66.) Beautiful – Eminem
67.) Mad World – Adam Lambert
68.) Natural Life – Breaking Benjamin
69.) Loverman – Metallica
70.) Let Me Fall, song (from Cirque du Soleil) – Josh Groban
71.) I Don’t Think I Love You – Hoobastank
72.) Goodnight Demon Slayer – Voltaire
73.) It’s Not Over – Daughtry
74.) Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon – Marilyn Manson
75.) A Journey in the Dark – The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)