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Team Marvel is Victorious…

Over at The Matticus Kingdom there was another Official Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War last week. The question to be answered this time around was “Which universe of superheroes (and villains) is superior: Marvel or DC?” I tugged on Team Marvel’s side of the rope, mostly because of The Avengers.

This years Official Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War ended today, and Team Marvel was declared the winners! Go Team Marvel! In celebration of this glorious victory I am wearing my Marvel Villians tee shirt today.


Thanks djmatticus for holding this event on your blog. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for next years Official Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War! And I hope your official kingdom tally keeper will have recovered from this years contest by then.

3 thoughts on “Team Marvel is Victorious…

  1. Now, if I had been given a chance, I would have said DC wins on villains and Marvel on heroes. But no….

    I do love that shirt. Luckily, I like all comics. Except for the one I mentioned in my post, of course 🙂


  2. I’ve been informed by the official tally keeper that he will be demanding better working conditions and a better wage for the next contest. Normally I’d scoff at such demands, but considering the sheer volume he had to deal with this time around I am considering giving in to the requests. Either that, or, firing him and outsourcing…


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