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Share Your World Challenge- My catch up post (weeks one through four)

Sheena, over at her Not a Punk Rocker blog, has been doing these weekly challenges for 4 weeks now. I always enjoy reading her answers to the questions posed, and I have thought each week “You know, I could participate in this too…” but then I would move on and forget to actually go and check out the blog hosting this challenge. Oops.

Pro in procrastination

But earlier this week I was talking to Sheena about not being sure what to blog about and she reminded me of this challenge and pointed out “It’s only 4 questions a week.” Well, when it was put that way I couldn’t see any excuse to not finally do what I had been meaning to do and head on over to Cee’s Photography and check out her Share Your World writing challenge.


I’m coming in on week 4 of this, so I’m going to go ahead and answer all 16 questions that have been asked so far.

Week One

What are some of your favorite type of proteins to eat? (meat, eggs, soy, cheese, nuts)

Peanut butter would probably be my favorite type of protein. I’m slowly moving back toward a somewhat vegetarian diet because most meat just grosses me out lately.  I still eat some meat, but mostly if I’m going to be eating something from a restaurant. If I’m going to be having burgers at home, I’d much rather make up a Morning Star Farms burger. I still love 5 Guys Burgers and Fries though. And bacon.


Are you a morning or night person?

I am definitely a night owl. I have been trying to actually get up out of bed while it is still technically morning recently, (translation: If I’m up and out of bed by 11:59 am, I count that as getting up in the morning.) sometimes I succeed, others not so much. It’s not uncommon for me to be just heading to be shortly before my husband’s alarm goes off at 4 am though.


What is your preferred hot drink: coffee, tea, water or other?


I can't stop drinking the coffee

Out of your five senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing) which is your favorite?

That’s a really hard one… It’s a toss up between sight and hearing. Sight because I’m an artist. Hearing because I love music and I love to sing.

Week Two

If you had to move to a country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?

I’ve never actually been outside of the USA, so I’m not sure about where I might want to live other than here. But if I had to choose another country to live in I might choose Canada because I’d only be less than day’s drive away from where I live now and the thought of international travel makes me nervous.

Music or silence while working?



What is your favorite color?


Do you have a bucket list? What are your three items? A bucket list are things you want to do before you die.

I don’t have an actual bucket list. But three things I’d like to do before I die would be:
1.) Live/take an extended vacation somewhere where I would have a view of the ocean from my living space.
2.) Live/take an extended vacation near or at the top floor of a high rise building in a city somewhere.
3.) Buy or rent an RV and spend months just driving around the United States.

Week Three

In what do you find the simplest of joys?

Art, color, music


Jello or Pudding? And what is your favorite flavor?

Pudding. Pretty much any kind of variation of chocolate.

Is there a language you would like to learn?

I kind of wish that I’d actually retained more of the Spanish that I learned in middle school and high school. I also learned a very little bit of German from this computer game designed to teach kids German when I was younger. I think I retained even less of that than the Spanish…

Life is short german

Do you prefer juice or fruit?

Juice. Preferably juice with fruits and vegetables in it.

Week Four

Do you recharge your energy by going out with friends for a good time or by spending with quiet time alone?

Quiet time alone or with my husband. Going out doesn’t recharge me, but drains me instead.

What is the most number of blankets you’ve ever had on your bed? 

The most blankets we’ve had on our bed would be how many are on it now. We currently have a total of 4 blankets on our bed. 2 of them are knit blankets and 2 of them are big heavy comforters. Did I mention recently that we have our thermostat set as low as it can go without risking our pipes bursting, and therefore it’s fucking freezing in this townhouse and the bedroom and bathroom area are always the coldest areas in the townhouse?

I refuse to get out of bed

You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met. Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?

Go to a party? By myself? Nope.

Having Plans

Do you like talking to people on the phone? Or do you prefer voice mail or email?

I used to love talking on the phone when I was a teenager. Now, I can’t stand the phone. I much prefer email, or messenger, or text messages.

Hang up and text