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Sometimes we say things when we’re angry and hurting…

Sometimes we say things when we’re angry and hurting that we later come to regret.

Sometimes when we’re hurting we assume that we have all the information and jump to conclusions based on the information we have.

Sometimes when we’re hurting and angry we can only see things through the haze of that anger and hurt.

Sometimes the things we see through the haze of pain aren’t really as they appear to be.

Sometimes when we’re angry we assign blame to others for things that we ourselves are responsible for.

Sometimes we don’t realize that we are working under false assumptions until it’s too late and the unfair and hurtful things have already been said.

Sometimes we post these things to our blog under the false assumption that we have all the facts.

Sometimes we begin to realize that we can’t possibly have all the facts if we haven’t actually asked all the questions.

Sometimes these realizations don’t come soon enough to spare someone else unnecessary pain.

Sometimes the person that we have made unfair assumptions about reads our blog posts before we have a chance to tell them that we’ve come to regret some of the things that have been written.

Sometimes we need to admit that we were wrong.

Sometimes we need to apologize.

I’m sorry.


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