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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Nature…

I know that I’m late in submitting for this challenge, but when I saw the prompt of Found In Nature for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge a week ago I thought that I could probably get some good photos for it along the walking trail behind my apartment complex.

577 photos later…

Luckily I never intended to keep all the photos that I took and was able to discard about 300 or so photos, but the process of going through and choosing which photos to keep and then cleaning them up took much longer than I expected it to. Not to mention figuring out which photos were suitable for being turned into black & white photos.

Anyway, here are my submissions.

Ducks in Jordan River Panoramic - Black&WhiteJordan River Trail (Off Trail) 3-14-2014 2 - Black&WhiteReeds & Mountains 3-14-2014 2 - Black&WhiteJordan River mountain view 3-15-2014 - Black & White


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