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Pictures of things that make me happy: Updated my kitchen edition

I decided to continue on today with yesterday’s theme. Some things have changed in my kitchen since I last took pictures of things that make me happy in it.

Cupcakes closeup Coffee Clock closeup

For starters, I was able to buy some cupcake artwork that I had been eyeing for over a year. The awesome coffee cup clock with a spoon for a pendulum and the “Today I will live in the moment” artwork were on my kitchen walls for about a year waiting to be joined by the cupcake recipe artwork. I love all of these pieces so much.


I recently printed this out off the internet, colored it with markers and then stuck it in a frame and hung it on my kitchen wall.

Sweet Cupcake Cross-stitch

I did this cross-stitch a while ago to hang in my kitchen.

Coffee & Cupcakes

And in keeping with the cupcake theme, I bought a cupcake kitchen towel and potholders set. For the most part, my kitchen is a mix of coffee and cupcakes.

Cross-stitch Fruit Potholders

There are these cross-stitch fruit potholders that I made though.

Rainbow Colored Mixing Bowls

I got this rainbow stoneware mixing bowl set for free by entering Coke Reward Codes. Lots and lots of Coke Reward Codes.

Red Toaster

And last but not least, this red toaster that we bought to replace our toaster oven that died earlier this year. This is the first brightly colored appliance that I’ve ever bought and I love it. I also love the fact that it takes up so much less space than the old toaster oven used to.

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Pictures of things that make me happy: my bedroom edition…

Since I am currently fighting a losing battle against stress and anxiety this week, I decided it was time to revive an old idea of mine. Back in February of 2014 I did a post called “Pictures of things that make me happy: my kitchen edition…“. In it I shared… yup, you guessed it… photos of things that made me happy that could be found in my kitchen. Crazy how that worked, huh? I had plans on doing other similar posts for other rooms but then promptly did nothing about it.

Pro in procrastination

On my nightstand you will find these things:

Dancing Flower & Pink Skull

My husband brought the solar-powered dancing flower home from work months ago. We found the skull with the pink rhinestone eyes and bow on the side of the road one day and I immediately said that I wanted to keep it.

Cherish Dream

Fairy Cross-stitchElephants

This is a cross-stitch that I did years ago that hangs above the elephants on top of my dresser.

Glass Bottles Collection

My decorative glass collection. These are in the doorway between my bedroom and bathroom. I will not miss not having a bathroom door when we move, but I will miss having this cool of a spot to display my collection.

Windchime and Butterfly

The butterfly next to the wind chime in this picture is meant to hold jewelry, but I thought it looked so cool the way it was that I kept all my jewelry tangled up in Ziploc baggies in a box in my bathroom instead of hanging them on this.

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Today, I am stress incarnate…

Today my anxiety has taken control. I have felt this close to a panic attack since waking up this morning.

ridiculous amount of appointments

Next weekend we will be going down to the apartment complex that we are wanting to move into and will hopefully be filling out rental applications and putting a hold on an apartment. I called the office last weekend just to get an idea of availability right now, because if they don’t really have anything available for October or November our chances for getting into an apartment in December when our lease is up wouldn’t be all that great. They do currently have some apartments to choose from for November though and hopefully by this weekend will start to have information about availability in December. We plan on trying to move in December if possible, but if when we go down there this weekend they do not have any apartments available in December we will put a hold on an apartment available in November just to be sure of having somewhere to move to. I asked the management at the apartment complex if we could transfer our hold to another apartment should one become available to move into in December and was told that we could, so if we aren’t able to put a hold on an apartment that would be available in December this weekend we will check back with them a week later and transfer our hold if one becomes available. If none are available by then we’ll probably just commit to moving in November and start focusing on making that happen. It wouldn’t be ideal, there will be many more fees from our current complex, but we need to move this year and we’re going to do what we need to, to make that happen.  And while I know that there is absolutely nothing that I can do about any of this until this weekend, that doesn’t stop my brain from worrying about it.

The worst part about moving

I also have a couple of dentist appointments coming up in October, one to finish up the work that needs to be done and one later on in the month to check on the healing progress of my mouth. And I’m not all that worried about having to go to the dentist, but having appointments at all is stressing me out.


I called my doctor’s office yesterday to finally set up that follow-up appointment that my doctor wanted with me because of my high blood pressure. That is also at the end of October. And I’m worried that the stress of trying to move will mess with my readings. I also have no idea exactly what my doctor plans on doing during this appointment or how much it’s going to end up costing me. Or how many other appointments she’s going to want to set with me after this one, and how much all of those are going to cost me. Not to mention the fact that I will be getting to this appointment on my own because Curtis has to work. I hate taking Trax by myself. Luckily it’s very unlikely that I will end up getting lost while walking there from the train station, I just need to walk to the main road and walk in the correct direction and I’ll be able to easily find it.

Having Plans

I did manage to get a lot of cleaning and housework done today though, so there’s that. Though, I should probably go and switch over the loads of sheets in my washer and dryer now…

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Happy Tribus! All about the 3 you love…

Happy Tribus day everyone!

Whaaat Minion

Tribus day is brand new holiday, just created a few days ago by Rara and Eli Pacheco. It’s a day to celebrate three things you love. If you’re still confused, check out this post for more information.

So my three things for this very first Tribus day are:




I can't stop drinking the coffee

And all of the friends that I have gained through blogging.


If you would like to participate, just write a post of your 3 loves, link it to Rara’s post explaining Tribus Day (Here) and tag it #HappyTribus.

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New and updated pages…

As some of you are probably already aware, I have added a new “About The Author” page to my blog. On the third attempt I was actually able to get it to post as a page instead of a new post. Apologies for the emails that that you may have received that led you to a post that doesn’t exist. Or for the links that posted to Facebook and were then immediately deleted. Feel free to check out the actual page now that I have it figured out.

I also updated my “About This Blog” page. It’s still mostly the same as it was, but feel free to check that out as well.


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Update: Bill from my doctor…

At the end of my post about my recent visits to the dentist and doctor I talked about how I was being billed $227 for services that were part of my yearly preventative care visit at my doctor. Everything that was done during that visit was supposed to be covered 100% by my insurance, so I was less than impressed to see that bill.


I contacted my doctor, then contacted my insurance as instructed by the billing department and then contacted the billing department again to inform them that this was something that they needed to fix. That my insurance said that there were a couple of things that were coded wrong and that those codes needed to be changed. Last I heard was that the billing department was going to contact the coding department and that they would “review it”. I was prepared to fight them if they didn’t make the right decision and change the codes.

Today I checked out the website and saw that I owed a balance of $0.00. The $227 that they had previously said I owed had been moved to the “insurance balance” column. It looks like they changed their minds about trying to bill me for things that are supposed to be covered by my insurance and went ahead and changed they codes. I am pleasantly surprised that I only had to contact them once to get them to fix this.

Hurray for not being $227 more in debt for things that I shouldn’t have to pay for!

You can buy cupcakes

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No longer anonymous…

When I started this blog a few years ago I didn’t start out as anonymous. I let people on Facebook know that I had a blog and had my posts automatically shared on Facebook when I posted them. But, to my knowledge, not many people I actually knew were reading my blog and I wanted to start writing about things that were going to be easier to write about if no one knew who I was, so I decided to unlink my blog from Facebook. I went completely anonymous. No photos of myself, no names, only vague references to where I lived.

And then as I made friends via my blog I slowly started to give out bits and pieces of information about who I was and where I lived. I let people know that I lived in Northern Utah, in the Salt Lake Valley. That before that I lived in a little town on the Connecticut shoreline where I grew up. I slowly started to post pictures of myself, first without showing my face and then no longer hiding my face. I even changed my user pic to an actual picture of me.

The one thing that I have not done is let people know my real name. But as I have made friends on here and have started to connect with them via my personal Facebook page I have realized that eventually some of my other friends and family are going to figure out that I have a blog. And while that used to worry me because I fear judgement from them for the opinions and life choices that I discuss on this blog, I find that I no longer care as much if they might disapprove. I will be 33 years old on the very last day of November. I have been married to my husband, Curtis, (also known as unremarkable man) for 13 years and living on the other side of the country from most of my friends and family for over 11 years. In other words, I’m grown ass woman, and while I will always appreciate input and support from my friends and family, their opinion on how I choose to live my life doesn’t really matter.

Don't be afraid to rock the boat

I don’t need anyone’s approval or permission to live my truth. And if anyone decides to voice their displeasure with my life choices, just know that one of my life choices is that I don’t need to have negativity in my life. You are allowed to have your opinions, but there is no reason why I need to hear about those opinions unless I have specifically asked for them.


My life choices are not up for debate.

I have recently come back to blogging after taking a break from it for almost a year. I spruced up my blog layout. And I have decided that I’m tired of hiding. This is my space to write about what I want, and if people don’t like it, they don’t have to read it.

My name is Charlene Perry.