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I shaved my head and people freaked out…

I made the decision to shave my head a couple of days ago and posted a picture of the result on Facebook.


I knew that people were going to be surprised by just how short I went, just the year before I had hair down past my hips.


But I had been slowly cutting it shorter and shorter over the past year, and had recently cut it to about a 1/2 inch long so I didn’t think that it was really all that drastic or sudden of a change.

I got a lot of positive feedback, along with some somewhat neutral, possibly negative feedback. A guy friend of mine commented that he’s “had that same haircut!” He happens to have long hair now, so my response was “And I’ve had your current hairstyle before!”

And then I got a message asking me if I was “doing alright” “because few women shave their heads.”


Which honestly pissed me off.

A woman deciding to shave her head is not a sign of mental illness.

Then my grandmother straight out asked me in a comment on my picture if I was fighting cancer.

Oh No She Didn't Just Say That

To which I asked her if she seriously thought that I wouldn’t let everyone know that I was if that was what was going on.

Not every woman who shaves her head is sick. Some women shave their heads because they like the way they look with short hair.

I was then meant to feel guilty about my decision because “some women would do almost anything to have such beautiful hair.”

It’s not like I permanently cut off my hair. If I stop cutting it, it’ll grow back.

Also, I am in no way obligated to wear my hair long simply because other people find it pretty.


Think of it this way: My husband cuts his hair just as short as mine all the time and nobody cares. Because he’s a guy.

But when a woman, such as myself, decides to shave her head it’s a big deal and some people decide that she must be ill in some way (either physically or mentally) because “why would a woman shave her head?”

Warning Reflections in Mirror Distorted

“Because she felt like it” is a perfectly acceptable answer to that question by the way.

There is absolutely no reason why a woman can’t style her hair any damn way she wants, including deciding to shave it all off. Women don’t need long hair to still be feminine.

And the only reason why it should be a big deal is because of how awesome she looks with her new hairstyle.

Too Busy Being Awesome

And if “bald is beautiful” is only true to you if that person has cut their hair off for health reasons, if you are offended by the thought of women shaving their heads simply because they want to, I suggest that you may never have really meant it in the first place. Other women who are healthy deciding to shave their heads in no way takes away from the courageousness of women who had less choice in the matter.

Women are beautiful. Period. Hair length has nothing to with it.

judging defines you

4 thoughts on “I shaved my head and people freaked out…

  1. I shaved my head for charity the first time around. Many found the thought distressing, which I thought was odd. Hair grows back so quickly!

    Recently, I’ve found myself wanting to shave my hair again. I love how free and open it felt, like I was concealing nothing. What gives me pause is not the hair itself. Like before, it’ll grow back. It’s the hours and hours of concerned conversation I’ll have to have afterward.

    I think it’s coming, but I have to make peace with everything you’ve written about here first.

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    1. It really does grow back quickly, especially when you go so short. I went with this style partially because it’s no maintenance on a daily basis, but that is offset by having to take the time to cut it more often if I want to keep it short. (More than a fair trade in my opinion.)

      I was a caught a bit off guard with some of the reactions, but luckily I have a friend who has been cutting her hair just as short (and even shorter, which some people may not believe is possible. 😉 ) for over a decade and I was able to go to her and verify that it will get better over time. Some people will never get it though.

      I had posted a couple of more “polite” non-confrontational statuses on Facebook talking about why my hair was short, basically a lot of words that boiled down to “because I felt like it.” but I’m not sure that the people who needed to read them actually saw them. I then basically posted the “Think of it this way” portion of this post on Facebook and have gotten a lot of positive feedback, so I’m hoping that the bulk of the negativity has already boiled over.

      So you may want to try to be as preemptive as you can be and make it clear to people that negativity regarding your hairstyle will not be tolerated if you do decide shave your hair again. Good luck!

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