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A list of things my is cat is convinced are trying to kill him…

This is my cat, Teddy Bear.

046 Teddy Bear profile 3-21-2014 2 - Black & WhiteTeddyPerchSittingIMG_20120721_085501

And this is a by no means complete list of things that he is convinced are trying to kill him, in no particular order:

-The sound a plastic bag makes (not be confused with the actual plastic bag as those are delicious)

-My allergy medication bottle
-The giant bottle of multi-vitamins from Costco

-Bottles of liquid that are being shaken, such as juice, coffee creamer and almond milk
-The garbage truck

Garbage Truck
-The doorbell

cats hide under bed with me when doorbell rings
-The sound of someone knocking on the door

– Any human being that is not my husband or myself
– Occasionally my husband or myself (though I am the one that he goes to for comfort after he has run from me in terror…)

– Kids skateboarding outside the townhouse

Damn Kids With Damn Skateboards
– The UPS or FedEx truck
– Pickup trucks
– The wind
– Anyone working outside the building
– The sound of the garage door opening
– The sound of our old faulty (which has since been replaced) smoke alarm beeping (I don’t blame him for that. That thing made me jump.)
-The vacuum cleaner

-His carrier
-Any and all medications prescribed by the vet
-The Vet
-Anyone talking outside the townhouse