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Greetings from a strange laptop…

My laptop died in its sleep the other night.

Dead Laptop

Quite literally actually. I put my laptop to sleep and when I went to go and wake it again later it wouldn’t wake up. It was plugged in and charging (as it always was the last couple years as the battery stopped holding a charge a while ago) and would turn on and scan the DVD drive, and then nothing. The screen stays black and it won’t boot up at all.

Earlier that night I had been attempting to hook my laptop up to my TV so that I could watch something on Netflix. I was able to get the picture from the TV but no sound. I spent over an hour trying to fix the issue before I unplugged it from where it was plugged in and moved it to another area and plugged it in again. After that it wouldn’t wake up, so possibly something happened during that time. Incidentally, I later realized that the sound wasn’t working on my TV because I had the cord plugged into the microphone jack not the headphone jack. The headphone jack was not visible to me due to it being black and blending into the rest of the blackness on the side of my laptop, the microphone jack was silver and easily visible.

I have attempted to hook it back up to the TV in case the settings got messed up, but it says that there is no data and the TV turns off. It’s not just the screen, it really won’t do anything beyond scanning the DVD drive.

So for now I am using my husband’s laptop. Which is so very different from my laptop. I am slowly getting used to it. We set up a user account for me on here, which synced some of my settings from my laptop (like my background pictures which I was afraid I had lost forever) but not all of them. So I have been busy setting up my desktop the way that I’m used to as much as possible. I lost several folders and programs when my laptop died. Documents and pictures that were saved only to that laptop. Some of my files were saved to my husband’s flash drive, but I haven’t checked to see which ones yet. It had been a while since I last backed it up though, so some things are lost forever if I can’t get my laptop to start up again. Luckily most of my important photos are all saved in albums on Facebook, as well as most likely being on the flash drive, so those are not lost.

Now we hope that this laptop that my husband and I are now sharing doesn’t also die before we can afford to at least replace mine.

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