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Being a “responsible adult” is expensive and time consuming…

A couple of months ago I went and visited the dentist for the first time in over a decade. Or I should say that I visited the dentist and actually had something useful done for the first time in over a decade. I had 2 broken teeth that I had tried to have something done about a couple of years ago but because I didn’t have dental insurance at the time the dentist I saw did absolutely nothing to help me. They poked around in my mouth, scolded me for how bad my dental health was and then tried to sell me on getting braces… when I went in there because of broken teeth.  So I pretty much lived on painkillers on and off since then.


My husband and I were finally able to get dental insurance again, but because we knew that the work that I needed done would still be expensive I still kept putting off setting an appointment. That and the fact that I was terrified of dentists. But then one day couple months ago I noticed that part of my face had gone numb and decided that it was time to finally have something done. We looked around online and found a dentist office just down the street from where we live that luckily did emergency appointments since it was later on at night on a Saturday.

We went down there and the dentist was really nice and patient and listened to all my concerns. He did all he could to make sure I was comfortable with what was happening and offered to go ahead and pull both of the broken teeth for me that night. It was a rough night because there was no way that they could make the process completely pain-free, but he left it up to me how much I could take. There was no way that I was leaving that night with one or both of those teeth still in my mouth, so I toughed it out and left that office with 2 less teeth and a prescription for an antibiotic and some Oxycodone. The healing process was a slow and rough one since the teeth were on opposite sides of my mouth and I was suffering through side effects of the antibiotic while trying to heal.

Once I was healed up though, my husband and I both set up appointments to go in and get started on getting our teeth healthy again. We both have been back 3 times since then and have one more appointment each before our all our major work is done. I had 4 fillings done my first appointment plus I the hygienist measured my bone and gum loss due to the periodontal disease that I have. My second appointment was 3 hours and 45 minutes long. I had 4 more fillings done as well as a deep cleaning on one side of my mouth. My third appointment was about 3 hours long and I had one filling done and was fitted for an on lay, had a temporary on lay placed as well as having a deep cleaning done on the other side of my mouth. My temporary on lay has already popped off twice in the little less than a week since it was first placed. After it popped off the second time I decided I wasn’t having it replaced and I’m just waiting for the permanent one to be ready. That will be placed during my next appointment in a couple of weeks as well as having my last 2 fillings done. Then I will have one more appointment with my hygienist to see how well my mouth is healing after those deep cleanings.

ridiculous amount of appointments

We are glad to be able to have this work done finally, but we do wish that our insurance covered more than just around half of the cost. Paying off the debt that we have accrued during the last couple of months is not going to be fun, but we figured it would be better to take care of it all now instead of waiting and risking things getting worse and costing us more in the long run.

Money can't buy happiness

We also used our health insurance last month and had our first checkups in over a decade. We figured that since it was all supposed to be covered 100% by our insurance that it would be stupid of us to not start seeing a doctor again. Other than some concerns about high blood pressure for me we were both given a clean bill of health. We did have to go back the very next day to have blood work done though because nobody told us to fast for our appointment. Getting to the doctor means having to walk about a mile to the Trax station, getting on a train and then walking about another half mile to get to the office. We were not happy about having to do that 2 days in a row.

And then a few days ago I got a bill for over $200 for things that were supposed to be covered by my insurance. I called my doctor’s billing department who told me to call my insurance company. So I called my insurance company and they told me that couple of things were coded wrong and therefore they were going towards my deductible instead of being covered and that my doctor’s office needed to fix the coding. So I called my doctor’s billing department again and explained what happened and now the coding department is “reviewing it” to decide if they will change the codes.


They better, because I don’t plan on paying for something that insurance was supposed to pay for.