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If we could combine these two apartments we’d have our perfect place…

I wrote yesterday about how my husband and I are going to have to move again in the next few months. I talked about our top two choices, and how we liked one complex but didn’t really like the other despite liking the floor plan of the apartment in that complex. I was responding to a comment on that post and as my reply grew longer and longer I realized that I should just write a post about why exactly we like one complex and dislike the other.

While we really like the floor plan of the larger apartment (closets galore and more than one bathroom), that’s about the only thing that we do like about that place other than the fact that it’s just down the road from my husband’s job. The entire complex just feels older and more rundown, which isn’t surprising considering the fact that it was built in 1978. (They did just replace all the windows in the complex however, so at least there’s that.) The thought of ever having to visit the office for any reason makes me shudder. You open the door and are immediately greeted by a very tall, very steep staircase that you have to climb in order to actually get to the office/clubhouse to speak with anyone. And if you ever want to use their “exercise room” you need to go across the office and down another steep staircase that is basically a square version of a spiral staircase. Once at the bottom you reach the cave, complete with wood paneling on the walls, that they stuck a few pieces of exercise equipment in. Also, the “exercise room” is only open while the office is open, so anybody who works a typical 9-5 job will basically never have access to it. The one thing that my husband liked about the office/clubhouse was the fact that they had a pool table, but once again, that’s only accessible while the office is open.

And as far as the apartment buildings themselves, most of them do not have any balconies or patios at all. Which makes me worry that I’ll feel closed off and claustrophobic in the apartment. Plus another downside to not having a balcony or patio is that our bikes will have to be stored somewhere in the apartment, unless of course we want to give them more money every month to rent out one of their very limited amount of storage units. Another issue with people not having private outdoor space is that they are more likely to hang out on the staircases to the buildings, or use the staircases for their smoke breaks.

Then there’s how I was treated over the phone by one of their employees a couple of months ago. I called them to get some updated information about the floor plan that we looking at and this lady picked up the phone and was annoyed to have to do her job to give me the current rent price for the apartment. Not only that, but she had no idea what I was asking her until I rephrased the question a few times. She then hung up on me. Now, my husband has a co-worker that lives in that complex and she said that it’s only the new girl at the office that is rude to people and that everyone else is really nice, but that interaction did not boost my confidence in that apartment complex.

Stupid and Rude

The apartment complex that we do like however is a completely different story. It’s a newer complex for a start, built in 1997. So it’s 19 years newer than the other complex. It’s also right across the street from my husband’s job. The office/clubhouse area is easily accessible, open and inviting and has a resident business center with WiFi. The exercise room is open 24 hours and is large, and open with plenty of light and windows and a good variety of exercise equipment. They have a very nice pool area which has a fairly large pool. Much nicer than the pool in the other complex. In addition to that they also have bicycles (including a tandem bike) that you can sign out and use to ride down the state trail system that goes through the complex. There is also a large vending machine on the property called a “Shop 24” that is stocked with most of the essential items that we may run out of as well as a variety of drinks and snacks. The prices are a little high, but for some things the convenience may be worth the cost.


There are also other things in the complex that we are likely never to use, but are still impressive. They have a tanning bed and a self-serve dog wash station. I don’t think my cat would appreciate us using the dog wash area for him.

And then there’s what we think is the most impressive amenity: A theater room with stadium seating. We aren’t sure of the hours that this is open, but it is a really neat idea and we think that we will probably bring our DVD’s over and try it out at some point if we move in there.

Theater Room

The apartment itself is also nicer, though definitely smaller than the other one. It however does have a good size balcony or patio. Large enough that we could get some outdoor furniture that could double as storage. And for a smaller apartment it’s laid out really well with an open floor plan and there really is a good amount of storage space for the size of the apartment. It has a small laundry room, but there are shelves in there for storage. There is coat closet, a large pantry in the dining room area off the kitchen, a good size linen closet in the bathroom and a huge walk in closet in the bedroom. The fact that the color scheme for the paint inside the apartment is something other than white on white is also a plus. It’s a beige and white instead, but still.

If we combine some of the square footage from larger apartment, the second bathroom, the walk in closet, the larger laundry room, the larger kitchen in an open floor plan, the balcony, the newer build and put it all in the nicer complex it would be perfect for us.

Too bad life doesn’t work like that. But in looking at exactly how old the larger apartment is, we are even more inclined to move into the smaller apartment in the nicer complex.