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Update: Bill from my doctor…

At the end of my post about my recent visits to the dentist and doctor I talked about how I was being billed $227 for services that were part of my yearly preventative care visit at my doctor. Everything that was done during that visit was supposed to be covered 100% by my insurance, so I was less than impressed to see that bill.


I contacted my doctor, then contacted my insurance as instructed by the billing department and then contacted the billing department again to inform them that this was something that they needed to fix. That my insurance said that there were a couple of things that were coded wrong and that those codes needed to be changed. Last I heard was that the billing department was going to contact the coding department and that they would “review it”. I was prepared to fight them if they didn’t make the right decision and change the codes.

Today I checked out the website and saw that I owed a balance of $0.00. The $227 that they had previously said I owed had been moved to the “insurance balance” column. It looks like they changed their minds about trying to bill me for things that are supposed to be covered by my insurance and went ahead and changed they codes. I am pleasantly surprised that I only had to contact them once to get them to fix this.

Hurray for not being $227 more in debt for things that I shouldn’t have to pay for!

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        1. No worries, I knew that’s why you were saying it. ๐Ÿ˜€ I just had to brag some about my improved dental health habits. ๐Ÿ˜€ Especially the flossing. I never understood the need for it until recently and boy do I wish that I could tell my younger self to not be stupid and make sure to floss no matter what. :/

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