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Pictures of things that make me happy: my bedroom edition…

Since I am currently fighting a losing battle against stress and anxiety this week, I decided it was time to revive an old idea of mine. Back in February of 2014 I did a post called “Pictures of things that make me happy: my kitchen edition…“. In it I shared… yup, you guessed it… photos of things that made me happy that could be found in my kitchen. Crazy how that worked, huh? I had plans on doing other similar posts for other rooms but then promptly did nothing about it.

Pro in procrastination

On my nightstand you will find these things:

Dancing Flower & Pink Skull

My husband brought the solar-powered dancing flower home from work months ago. We found the skull with the pink rhinestone eyes and bow on the side of the road one day and I immediately said that I wanted to keep it.

Cherish Dream

Fairy Cross-stitchElephants

This is a cross-stitch that I did years ago that hangs above the elephants on top of my dresser.

Glass Bottles Collection

My decorative glass collection. These are in the doorway between my bedroom and bathroom. I will not miss not having a bathroom door when we move, but I will miss having this cool of a spot to display my collection.

Windchime and Butterfly

The butterfly next to the wind chime in this picture is meant to hold jewelry, but I thought it looked so cool the way it was that I kept all my jewelry tangled up in Ziploc baggies in a box in my bathroom instead of hanging them on this.