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Pictures of things that make me happy: my bathroom edition…

Continuing on with my theme this week, I’m going to share pictures of things that make me happy that you can find in my bathroom.

Metal Frogs Cropped

These bright colorful metal frogs.

Shower Curtain Hooks Shower Curtain ButterflyShower Curtain

My shower curtain and shower curtain hooks.

Bathroom Doorway Curtain and Glass Collection

The purple curtain that we use as a bathroom door substitute since our townhouse was designed without a bathroom door. As well as my glass collection above the curtain.

Frog and Dragonfly Pond

This glittery fuzzy poster that I colored and framed years ago.

Hear,see, speak no evil

This hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil frogs cross-stitch that I did years ago.


This dragonfly.