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It’s (almost) official, we’re moving in December…

On Saturday my husband and I walked over to the apartment complex that we were interested in moving to. We asked the ladies at the office if they had any information about availability in December and were told that there were 2 apartments available during that month. One was a ground floor apartment in the building closest to the office and the other was a middle floor apartment in a building near the middle of the complex. Neither of those were what we wanted to hear. We were hoping to hear that they would have a top floor apartment available. So we asked about what they had available in November and found out that they had 2 top floor apartments available then. We asked if we could go and walk around the property and look at the actual buildings, where they were located on the property and where exactly the apartments were located in the buildings. One of the ladies gave us a map and marked the buildings and the apartment numbers for us and we went to go and look at all our choices.

As we started walking to the building closest to the office it started to rain, reminding us of why exactly we want actual raincoats. At least we had an umbrella with us.


We walked to the ground floor apartment available in December and noticed that there was a playground not too far away from the apartment. So it was a ground floor apartment next to a playground, both things that we said that we absolutely didn’t want. Especially the playground thing.


We moved on from there and checked out one of the top floor apartments that would be available in November. We walked up the flights of stairs, figured out which side of the building the apartment was on and looked at what our view would be. We thought that we’d like this building because it was on the edge of the property and the apartment was facing the outside of the property, but unfortunately our view would be of a tall office building across the street.

We walked through the property in the steadily increasing rainfall to check out the middle floor apartment available in December. We noticed that there was another playground next to this building on one side, but the apartment was on the other side of the building. We would be in the middle of the building, with neighbors above, below and to one side of us. The balcony faced a parking lot and there were two other buildings across the parking lot. Those buildings would be our main view, with a little glimpse of the mountains in between them if you were standing at the right angle. There was also an unobstructed view of our neighbors balcony to the one side of us, instead of the nice view of the mountains to that side.

We walked across the parking lot to the last option, a top floor apartment available in November. This apartment did have a lot of other buildings as part of it’s view as well as the garages in front of it, but it also had a good view of the mountains. And unfortunately of our neighbor’s balcony, just like all the rest.

This apartment was a top floor with a gorgeous view, everything I thought I wanted, but it was available a month too early. My husband and I spent a long time in that stairwell discussing how moving a month early would be a financial nightmare, and he eventually convinced me that we had to decide between the two that were available in December.

Money can't buy happiness

Which then led to walking around the property and looking at all of our non bottom floor options, including the ones available in November, several more times. During that time of going up and down several flights of stairs we realized that some of the staircases moved in an alarming way while you were climbing them. Which made me question their safety and rethink if a top floor apartment was really my first choice.

We went to go take a closer look at the ground floor apartment that we hadn’t really given a chance before and, as much as I didn’t want to admit it, the location started to grow on me. First of all, The building was the absolute closest that it could be to my husband’s work across the street, literally a 5 minute walk. There would also be no stairs to deal with whatsoever. All I could think about was how much easier it would be to move into that apartment compared to the middle floor apartment.

Why Do I Own All Of The Things

It was also in a building that only had 2 floors, so there would be less neighbors in the building overall, plus it was the farthest away we’d get from other apartment buildings in the complex. There were still other buildings visible, but they were on other sides of the fairly large green space that was in front of the building. The playground was also at the opposite end of that green space, potentially reducing the amount of noise that would carry over to our apartment from it. There was also a tree across the sidewalk from where our patio would be that would block the site of the playground some. And the patio was set back from the sidewalk some with some bushes in front giving it a bit more privacy on that side. Unfortunately the other open side of the patio would give us a good view of our neighbor’s patio. The building was also located right next to a river, and while we can not see it from our apartment, we would cross the bridge over it most times that we left the property. We also noticed that part of the property seemed more quiet overall. It was farther away from the main road, so traffic noise was greatly reduced.

So we had a decision to make, go with the middle floor apartment with the view of the parking lot, other buildings and a tiny glimpse of the mountains. Or go with the bottom floor apartment that faced grass and trees but was also very close to a playground.

In the end we decided on the ground floor apartment. We went back to the office, which incidentally was when the rain stopped, and asked about the rental rates for both of the apartments and then almost changed our mind again after finding out that the apartment we were looking at was going to be $30 more a month than the other one, a full $20 more a month than the highest rate that we had been given during all the times we asked about rent prices at this complex. We asked why it would be that much more expensive and were told that it was because it was a ground floor apartment. Which was surprising, because usually it is top floor apartments that are more expensive. We are hoping that it’s also because it’s a more updated apartment, but have no way of knowing. We took the application paperwork and moved to another area of the clubhouse to fill it out while still trying to make a final decision on exactly which apartment we’d take. We eventually decided that the convenience of not having to deal with stairs at all, plus a potentially quieter location despite the playground would be worth the extra cost. Plus we thought that we would be paying about $25 less a month anyway since that complex offers a discount to people who work at my husband’s company.

We handed in the paperwork and paid the application fees plus the amount to hold the apartment. We were then given a piece of paper detailing exactly how much our rent would be every month plus how much we needed to pay on the day we signed the lease. There was a special running so we were going to get $200 off of our first month’s rent, making move in costs much more affordable. WeĀ realized later on that we were never given a discount due to where my husband works and were told that we would have to choose between the monthly discount or the $200 off first month’s rent. While we know that the monthly discount would save us more in the long run, we may need to go with the one time discount this year in order to be able to afford move in costs.

So like the title of this post says, it’s almost official. We’re just waiting to hear if our applications were approved. Which, based on what the lady at the office told us, they should be. Then we will be moving into exactly what we thought we didn’t want. We just hope that we don’t regret our choice.