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Us moving in December is slightly more official now…

My husband contacted the apartment complex that we are planning on moving to a little while ago and was told that it looks like our applications were accepted. However, the woman who usually calls people back about things like this is out of the office, so we’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow before we get official confirmation of our applications having been accepted.

The unofficial confirmation has reduced the amount of worry I have about it though and I am feeling more confident that this will actually happen. We’re confident enough that my husband is going ahead and switching his vacation to the week that we are planning on moving.

After what happened last time we moved though, where we had 3 apartments fall through on us in rapid succession, I am not completely convinced yet that we will end up in the apartment that we put a deposit down on. I know that the likelihood of things going as wrong as they did last time is low, but having been burned before I have much less confidence in this process going as it should.

I would love it if the universe could restore my confidence in this process though and if my husband and I could have a fairly easy moving experience for once. Please?

Great Idea until packing