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Last weekend’s mantra: it’s all just stuff…

This past weekend Curtis and I went through every item that we own.

Every. Single. Item.

Why Do I Own All Of The Things

We spent the entire weekend going through it all and deciding what we were keeping, what we were donating and what was trash. Our rule was if we aren’t actually using it or going to use it, we could not keep it. If it would only continue to be stored in a box and take up space that we aren’t going to have, there was no reason to keep it.

No matter what it was.

I kept repeating to myself that’s it’s all just stuff and if we don’t have an actual use for it we don’t need to keep it. Which led to some brutal decisions and emotional moments.

Curtis spent a lot of time building with Lego when he was growing up and had 4 boxes of original Lego from the 80’s that we had been lugging with us every time we’ve moved, including when we moved across the country from Connecticut to Utah. We’ve found somewhere to store them every time that we have moved, but this time we are moving into a much smaller apartment and just couldn’t figure out where we might have room to store them. Since they haven’t actually been used in years, after some discussion Curtis decided to go ahead and donate them. Which kind of broke my heart for him because I never expected him to decide to give them up.

We had already scanned all of our pictures, so all of our photo albums went in the trash. All of them, including our wedding albums. We never look at the physical pictures anyway, so it wasn’t all that hard of a decision, but I did feel kind of guilty about it. I’m just hoping that someone isn’t going to “rescue” them from the trash and try to return them to us. I felt like we should have included a note in the trash bag letting people know that they were thrown away on purpose because we made digital copies.

We took pictures of all of the things that we were not going to be able to keep so that it wasn’t like we were completely getting rid of them.

I kept one small doll that my great grandma made, but had to decide to donate a doll that my grandmother made and a doll that I helped my grandmother and aunt make because I simply will not have the space to store them.

I had to make the guilt inducing decision to throw away the cake topper that was used at both my wedding and my parent’s wedding because it was falling apart. The other cake topper that was used at our wedding, the utensils we used to cut our wedding cakes and the glasses that we used for the toasts at our wedding are all being donated.

All of our Halloween and Christmas decorations are being donated. I haven’t decorated in years and will have no space to store them. We took a picture of each individual decoration before sticking it in the donate pile.

All of my yarn and all of my beading supplies are being donated because they take up way too much space. Most of the artwork that we had done over the years that we were never likely to display anywhere again was gotten rid of or donated after we made absolutely that we got pictures of all of them.

There is a pile of stuff waiting to be donated in our garage that probably takes up about the same amount of floor space as the size of what our new living room will be. We have a picture of it, but it’s Curtis’ phone at work with him, so I can’t share it here.

It was a much more emotional project than I thought it would be, but overall I’m mostly just relieved to be getting rid of all of that stuff. We are much more likely to be able to fit in our new apartment now and the stuff that we are donating or that we trashed is all stuff that we will not have to pack into a moving truck. Which makes the thought of this move a lot less overwhelming.

Go Minimal

5 thoughts on “Last weekend’s mantra: it’s all just stuff…

  1. Examining what you own allows you to examine who you really are, we can in theory be defined by both what we own and more importantly what we can live without. This painful process helps cleanse the soul, so to speak.


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    (totally kidding…I get that with having to part with things finally, making that inevitable, irreversible decision)

    I would say the reduction of stress and the peace of mind it will give you to be in a nicer, stable place is worth the emotional work y’all went through yesterday. I want to downsize so badly just not sure how that will work with M going in and out of here and his dad’s.

    ((hugs)) to you both.

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    1. I totally thought of you for the Legos! However, I don’t even want to think about how expensive it would be to ship them out to you. 😀

      I really wasn’t expecting to get all emotional, especially not over his Legos. I was in a “GET RID OF ALL THE THINGS!” state of mind… until I saw some of said things… Like a doll that used to be my favorite that got a haircut because she ended up with gum in her hair. Or my Halloween decorations. But not having to worry about where to store these things is a huge relief. I’ll let you know how I feel about actually living in a smaller space once we move. 😉

      Thanks. ((hugs)) back at you. ❤


      1. Oh, I know about the shipping, so I was teasing you on that. But I totally get you on the rest of it. Even after I think I have gone through the things, I find something else years later that becomes just as important. I guess that’s how it is supposed to go though, right?

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        1. There was a lot of stuff that we would have liked to ship out to people, but our bank account kept saying no. 😉 I know that you were teasing, but I really did think of you for the Legos, and it’s the thought that counts right? 😀
          Yup, we let go of old stuff to make room for new stuff. This is kind of a really big deal for me though, because I was really a bit of a hoarder a few years back. If you’d have told me back then that I would be getting rid of my wedding albums and almost all of my dolls and stuffed animals from growing up I never would have believed you… and probably would have had a panic attack. 😉 I like this much better than the hoarding though. 🙂

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