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Two months from today…

Exactly two months from today Curtis and I will be signing our new lease and officially starting our move in process. We have truck rented for the next day to move our stuff into the new apartment. It still remains to be seen if we will be doing this move completely on our own or if we will be able to get help from some Curtis’ coworkers. Since we will be moving in the middle of December on a Tuesday I am not holding out hope for much help. I would obviously prefer if we could get some help with our move, but since we have recently dramatically reduced the amount of stuff that we own I am confident that Curtis and I will be able to handle this move on our own if need be. We’ve done moves all by ourselves when we owned far more stuff, after all. And this time we plan on having as much stuff as we possibly can staged in our garage, so there will be a bare minimum of stairs that we will have to deal with since we will be moving it straight from the garage to the truck and then from the truck to our ground floor apartment. It will not be fun having to move our washer & dryer set down the stairs of our townhouse that day though.

Moving Rule #31

Our garage is one step closer to being ready for all our stuff to be staged in it since one of Curtis’ coworkers stopped by last night and took away more than half of the huge donation pile that we had. She plans on stopping by for the rest of it next week probably. Soon we’ll start boxing up all of our decorative items and moving them down to the garage. We hope to slowly move all of our stuff downstairs to the garage over the course of the next 2 months and avoid spending the days immediately before the move walking up and down our stairs.

So, in two months we’ll be starting our moving process, but we still have not gotten official confirmation that our applications were accepted, nor have they deducted the money to hold the apartment and pay the application fees from our bank account. I’m hoping that they have a policy of waiting until they know for sure that someone has been approved before they charge someone’s account and that they will take their money in the next couple days and let us know that we’ve been approved. Not knowing exactly why the money is still sitting in our account makes me anxious though.