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My doctors office has lost my trust…

I went to the doctor for what was supposed to be all preventative care a couple of months ago. I wasn’t sure how I felt about my actual doctor that day. My first impression/gut feeling was that she didn’t seem very friendly and seemed to be judgmental. She seemed impatient. She asked me about my weight but didn’t say a thing to my husband about his. (he’s really skinny and always has been.)

I was even less impressed when we found out that we would have to return the next day (not easy without a car) for blood tests because no one told us to fast for the appointment. And when we returned the next day the order for my blood work wasn’t even in the system. I was able to get the blood work done that day, but that was another point in the negative column for them.

I then got a bill for some of the services performed at that preventative care visit. There were things that were not coded as preventative so my insurance wouldn’t cover them. I talked to all the people who I was supposed to in order to get it fixed and thought that I had.

Only, early this morning I got a notification letting me know that I am still being billed for it.


The only reason I went to that doctor’s appointment in the first place was because it wasn’t supposed to cost me anything. But now I’m stuck with a bill that I have to try to figure out how to pay. Which will be harder than I first thought because it looks like they don’t accept the form of payment that I was planning on using.

I had a followup appointment scheduled for next week that I just cancelled today. I can’t afford to pay what I already owe them, so I’m not about to add to it. The appointment was for my blood pressure, which has been much lower lately anyway (even with all the stress in my life), so I’m not all that worried about it.

I shouldn’t have to cancel appointments because I can’t afford to pay for them, even with insurance. This is not how healthcare should work…

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  1. I’d keep pushing the office to correct the codes. Because you really shouldn’t have had to pay for anything if this was your yearly wellness check. And then if the office keeps refusing/messing up, get your insurance involved. You should have a rep that can call from that side to force the doctor into correcting the billing code, or invalidate the charges altogether. You could also reach out to hr and get them involved.
    Sadly, based on some of my own experiences, I’m weary of doctors and think that insurance is nothing but a scam. So, keep fighting for what you know is right here.


    1. I already got my insurance involved last month and was told that I would have to get my doctor’s office to fix the codes myself. I cannot talk to the actual coding department though, only the billing department who takes a message and sends it onto the coding department who reviews the codes to decide if they warrant changing.
      I’m not actually sure that the things that I’m being charged for were actually preventative care. I was under the impression that everything done during that visit would be, but I think that my doctor went ahead and did a couple things that were not considered preventative without telling me that they would not be covered as preventative. They were things that needed to be done, but not things that are normally part of a yearly preventative care visit.
      I honestly just don’t have the time or energy to fight it anymore, and if I do continue to fight it without paying it it will just end up costing me more in the end.
      Curtis and I are going to be taking a close look at our options for insurance when open enrollment starts up again soon to see if we can afford anything better than what we currently have. We will also be looking at our options for doctor’s offices once we move to see if we have any other options.


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