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My colors have been packed away…

The walls of my townhouse are now a bare, boring white decorated only by the holes in them where my things once hung. All of the colorful things that I had covering them were packed away over the weekend. All of my decorative items were carefully wrapped and stored in boxes to await our move in a little under two months.

I’m glad to have gotten started on the packing. Doing it slowly over the next couple months will help us avoid a thousand trips up and down our stairs the weekend before our move and make it all much more manageable.

This round of packing was fairly quick and easy. Much easier than it’s been in the past. Already I’m noticing the difference that donating most of our stuff has made. I’m hoping this is an indication of how the rest of our packing and move will go.

I’m happy we’ve started, but two months seems a long time to have to stare at ugly white walls.

Great Idea until packing