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It’s finally officially official, sort of…

We finally got word yesterday from the apartment complex we will be moving to in less than two months that our applications have officially been approved. Only they still need to speak with Curtis’ supervisor and could Curtis please expedite that phone call?

Hang up and text

Curtis had already talked to his supervisor earlier before he got the message from the apartment complex and his supervisor was waiting to get some answers back from HR on what information he was and was not allowed to give out. Such as salary information, which should already be covered by the payslips that were given to the apartment complex when we filled out our applications anyway.

So, they still have to talk to Curtis’ supervisor, but apparently they decided that this process had been strung out long enough already and went ahead and approved us. They probably took the fact that we’ve been bugging them to please finish verifying the rest of the information on our applications as a sign that we probably didn’t falsify any of it. Because if we had, I doubt we’d be pushing for them to please catch us in our lies as quick as possible.

So now that we’ve been approved I can stop worrying that they are going to tell us that the amount needed in order to move in has increased because they now need an increased security deposit from us. Which is good, because I have no idea where we would have gotten the money had they required more from us.

Money can't buy happiness

Now my main worry is that we are going to have a repeat of what happened the last couple times we moved and we are soon going to be told that the apartment that we are planning to move into will not in fact be available. Leading to the nightmare of either just going with whichever one bedroom apartment they happen to have available whether we like the location or not, or being told that they do not have any one bedroom apartments available for us anymore. An apartment complex running out of apartments, and then sticking us in a more expensive floor plan, is the reason why we are moving again after only living in our current complex for a couple of years. That and the inefficiency of our current space and the fact that the complex is going downhill.

We’d really like to be able to just move into the type of apartment we want in the location in the property that we chose and therefore greatly decrease the likelihood of having to move again soon.

We are so very tired of moving.

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