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Sorry our intent to vacate paperwork ruined your plans to raise our rent…

Curtis and I filled out and handed in our official “Intent To Vacate” paperwork over two weeks ago. We insisted on getting a copy of this paperwork that was signed and dated by apartment management. We even had a conversation with management about how we were already aware that we would need to pay rent for the entire month of December, and not just the days that we will actually still be living here, because our lease doesn’t end until December 31.

The office should have been clear on the fact that we are not planning on renewing our lease.

On Saturday we found a notice stuck in the clip outside of our front door. It reminded us that our lease was going to be ending on December 31 and told us that they hoped that we are enjoying living in the complex and would choose to renew our lease. It also informed us that if we did decide to renew our lease our rent would be increasing by $110 a month 🙂 .

The smiley face was an actual part of the sentence on the notice.


We immediately called the office and reminded them that we already handed in our intent to vacate paperwork over two weeks ago and made sure that they hadn’t lost it. They confirmed that they still had the paperwork and we ended that phone call. Soon after they called us back and left a confusing message that brought up the fact that our lease wasn’t up until December 31 for reasons we couldn’t understand. So we tried to call them back for clarification as we were instructed to in the message and were unable to reach anyone. We then walked over to the office and asked them in person to please clarify the message that they left us. Apparently, they were once again making sure that we knew that we would have to pay for the entire month of December. We reminded them that we already had this conversation and went home to continue packing.

Thanks for wasting my time

We are glad that our apartment complex was happy about the prospect of getting $110 more a month from us, but had they just consulted their records they would have seen that we had already declined to do so over two weeks earlier when we handed in that intent to vacate paperwork.

You know, the paperwork that clearly states that we will not be renewing our lease and therefore will not be giving them $110 more each month.


Thanks again apartment complex for wasting all of our time this weekend and causing unnecessary stress by not bothering to consult your records before sending out notices.

Oh, and by the way, what the hell are you smiling about? Informing someone that you are planning on raising their rent by $110 a month is not a situation in which you should use a smiley face. Raising someone’s rent by that much in one year is not a happy thing.

At least it’s not a happy thing for the resident who will have to pay it. You may find it to be a happy thing, but perhaps you shouldn’t advertise that you enjoy raising the rent on your residents. Greedy is not a flattering look.