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Turns out that our futon isn’t all that comfortable…

We spent our Thanksgiving moving heavy furniture up and down our stairs.

We had planned on using our futon when we moved and getting rid of the dual recliner La-Z-Boy loveseat that we have been using. The futon is much lighter than the loveseat and would have been much easier to move.

We decided that maybe it might be a good idea to try out the futon for a while before getting rid of the loveseat all together.

We took apart the loveseat as much as we could and moved it down into our garage and set up the futon in the living room.

We sat on the futon and watched a movie and by the end the verdict was clear:

Our futon just isn’t comfortable.

At least we made this discovery before we got rid of the loveseat.

So we moved the futon out of the way and brought all the pieces of the loveseat back up the stairs and put it back together again.

Moving Rule #31

Only, according to our cat, we broke it.

Because our loveseat can be put together a couple different ways. It has a little end table piece with drawers that can be put in between the two recliners, or you can just attach the recliners to each other without the piece with the drawers in between them. We used to have the two recliners attached to each other with the drawer piece to one side. When we put it back together we put the drawers in the middle.

Right where the cat used to sit.

Now he has to decide which of us he wants to try to sit with. And depending on how we are sitting in our seats, there might not even be room for him.

Clearly, we are the worst humans ever.

Never expected much

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The good news is, I’m getting new countertops…

On Friday night Curtis let me know that he had gotten a voicemail from the apartment complex that we will be moving to in less than a month. The message didn’t have any details as to why they were calling, they just asked us to call them back when we got the message. Unfortunately, Curtis didn’t check his voicemail until after the complex was closed.

*Begin panicking about all of the reasons why the apartment complex might have called, with particular emphasis on our apartment no longer being available for some reason*

We called the apartment complex on Saturday, only to find that the person we needed to talk to wasn’t working that day and that the person that was there that day has no idea why we were called. We were told that the person that we needed to talk to would be back in the office on Monday.

*Continue panicking. Continuously try to reassure yourself that if there was a big problem they probably would have let us know that it was urgent in the voicemail and more of the office staff probably would have been made aware of it. Continue panicking anyway*

Earlier today Curtis was finally able to get a hold of the person we needed to speak to. He was told that they are going to be installing new countertops in our apartment which might mean that they will need to push back our move-in date by a day or two. He was told to call back later in the day when they would have more information.

*Feel relieved that the issue wasn’t that the apartment wasn’t available anymore. Begin to worry about the potential problems of having to change our moving day*

Curtis called back later in the day today and found out that they expect to have all the work done the afternoon of the day after we were originally planning on signing the lease. We would be able to actually start moving in around 4-5 pm on 12/15. We were planning on signing the lease on 12/14 and moving in on the 15th. We already have a truck reserved for the 15th. Now we will have to get the truck on the morning of the 15th, move all of our stuff out of our old place, drive to the new place and sign our lease and, if our apartment is ready, start moving into the new place. We will also have to contact a couple of companies and see if we can start our services with them a day later than what we originally asked for.

We also found out that it’s not just new countertops that we are getting though. They are also putting in new linoleum and carpet, which is part of the reason why they need to change our move-in date.

*Feel annoyed with having your moving schedule changed on you with less than a month to go. Keep reminding yourself that at least your getting new countertops, linoleum and carpet out of the deal. It could be worse, your actual moving day hasn’t changed, you just need to do more on that day now. Focus on the positive… new countertops. New linoleum. New carpet* 

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I am now the proud owner of 50 boxes…

I am now the proud owner of 50 boxes.

Not 50 boxes of anything

just 50 boxes.

50 boxes that were purchased on Saturday from the U-haul store and then wheeled/carried home.

Turns out that the U-haul closest to us no longer has a “leave a box, take a box” box. Apparently one of the employees threw it away recently because it was old and ratty.

It wouldn’t have mattered it the box for free boxes was still there anyway since no one has dropped of any boxes at that location in a while anyway.

So we had to dip into our moving savings account to buy boxes.

After some discussion, and confirming that U-haul will buy back unused boxes, we decided to buy two bundles of 25 flattened boxes.

Plus a queen sized mattress bag to use when we move, but this story is about boxes.

After paying for the boxes we then unfolded our utility cart

and discovered that the cart was too small

or the bundles of boxes were too big

Either way, the two bundles of 50 folded boxes were not going to fit in our cart for the walk home.

For probably at least the 1,000th time in our lives we regretted not bringing our bungee cords with us.

We were able to “fit” one bundle in the cart, but the other had to be carried the couple of miles back home.

The cart was top-heavy, and attempting to maneuver it across roads was even more of a struggle than normal as it wanted to go any direction but straight.

But the real nightmare was the 6 sets of active train tracks that we had to get across to get home.

Having crossed 2 out a set of 4 I noticed the crossing arm lights beginning to flash red and started a near run with that top-heavy cart to get across the last two, hoping that the bundle of boxes wouldn’t fall out onto the tracks.

They did not fall out, and I managed to make that 90 degree turn that was needed to get on the other side of the fence and on the correct side of the crossing arm, despite the boxes catching on a sign near the fence and having to back up and try again.

We got across with time to spare

to see the train was on one of the tracks that we had already crossed

Although, as these things go, I’m sure that had we been moving more slowly that train would have been on that last track we were trying to get across.

When we had already crossed all the roads and train tracks that we needed to cross and were just up the hill from home we realized that had we moved the boxes in the cart slightly and kept a hand on the second set the entire time we could have used the cart to carry both bundles of boxes for parts of the trip.

It’s awesome when you realize when you are almost finished with something that you made things harder for yourself than they needed to be.

But, no matter how they could have been brought home

I am now the proud owner of 50 boxes.

Go Minimal

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Over the weekend I…

Over the weekend I:

~Finally got the chance to see “Jurassic World” with Curtis. I really wish that we could have seen it in theaters. Maybe we’ll eventually be able to own a copy and will watch it in the theater room in the apartment complex that we are moving to in a month and a half.

~Totally had dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets for dinner the next night because I still had (/always have) dinosaurs on the brain (and because Costco had them on sale during our last shopping trip).

~Discovered that Curtis and I are already almost out of boxes for our move. All that we have left right now are some smaller boxes. We almost didn’t have enough boxes large enough to pack away the contents of our bookcases. Our one humongous box that we saved from our last move had to be used to store a combination of our board games and most of our blankets and comforters (thank goodness for space bags). We are really hoping that the U-Haul close to us still has that “leave a box, take a box” box set up so that we can hopefully pick up some more free boxes next weekend and continue to put off spending any money on boxes.

Great Idea until packing

~ Raided some of the boxes that had already been packed away to find what was left of my hair bleaching kit and “Ultra Violet” Manic Panic hair dye, plus my hair dryer. I then spent several hours Saturday night dyeing my hair purple. I am still sore today from all the time spent “heat treating” my hair with my hair dryer both while using the bleach and the purple hair color, and all the time spent kneeling with my head hanging over the tub to rinse out (with cold water) all the various substances involved in bleaching and dyeing ones hair. Here is the result of all my effort.

11-2-2015 1 11-2-2015 2

~ Walked to a couple of stores with Curtis with the intention of spending most of the money that we had on stocking up on food and buying Curtis a new pair sneakers. After Curtis found his new shoes we got sidetracked in the electronics section and ended up buying me a new (purple!) phone charger cord to replace the original one that was more electrical tape than cord. We luckily remembered to also buy some food before leaving the store.

~ Mused with Curtis about how different our lives might be now if we had never moved out of Connecticut. What sort of work might he have found? How much tighter might our finances be due to the higher cost of living and the fact that we probably wouldn’t have been able to get rid of our car. What if we had moved to Vermont like we always thought we would? Or if we had decided to not continue on to Utah while driving through Pennsylvania and had settled down there instead like we were tempted to? What if we had moved into the apartment complex that was our first choice when moving to Utah instead of into our third choice because it had Sunday hours? What differences might living in a completely different part of the Salt Lake Valley have made in the course of our lives?

~ Was stopped dead in my tracks by the beauty of Autumn starting finally starting to really show up out here. Bright yellow leaves popping against dark blueish gray clouds. Trees with red edged green leaves next to trees with leaves a burgundy red. There is a reason that Autumn is my favorite season.