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The good news is, I’m getting new countertops…

On Friday night Curtis let me know that he had gotten a voicemail from the apartment complex that we will be moving to in less than a month. The message didn’t have any details as to why they were calling, they just asked us to call them back when we got the message. Unfortunately, Curtis didn’t check his voicemail until after the complex was closed.

*Begin panicking about all of the reasons why the apartment complex might have called, with particular emphasis on our apartment no longer being available for some reason*

We called the apartment complex on Saturday, only to find that the person we needed to talk to wasn’t working that day and that the person that was there that day has no idea why we were called. We were told that the person that we needed to talk to would be back in the office on Monday.

*Continue panicking. Continuously try to reassure yourself that if there was a big problem they probably would have let us know that it was urgent in the voicemail and more of the office staff probably would have been made aware of it. Continue panicking anyway*

Earlier today Curtis was finally able to get a hold of the person we needed to speak to. He was told that they are going to be installing new countertops in our apartment which might mean that they will need to push back our move-in date by a day or two. He was told to call back later in the day when they would have more information.

*Feel relieved that the issue wasn’t that the apartment wasn’t available anymore. Begin to worry about the potential problems of having to change our moving day*

Curtis called back later in the day today and found out that they expect to have all the work done the afternoon of the day after we were originally planning on signing the lease. We would be able to actually start moving in around 4-5 pm on 12/15. We were planning on signing the lease on 12/14 and moving in on the 15th. We already have a truck reserved for the 15th. Now we will have to get the truck on the morning of the 15th, move all of our stuff out of our old place, drive to the new place and sign our lease and, if our apartment is ready, start moving into the new place. We will also have to contact a couple of companies and see if we can start our services with them a day later than what we originally asked for.

We also found out that it’s not just new countertops that we are getting though. They are also putting in new linoleum and carpet, which is part of the reason why they need to change our move-in date.

*Feel annoyed with having your moving schedule changed on you with less than a month to go. Keep reminding yourself that at least your getting new countertops, linoleum and carpet out of the deal. It could be worse, your actual moving day hasn’t changed, you just need to do more on that day now. Focus on the positive… new countertops. New linoleum. New carpet*