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My electric company almost gave me a heart attack for my birthday…

Monday was my 33rd birthday.

That morning, I woke up and grabbed my phone to check my email before getting out of bed, like I do every morning. This is probably a practice that I should stop because since I have just woken up and am still in bed I am not wearing my glasses. Either that or I should start leaving my glasses next to the bed and put them on before picking up my phone.

Anyway, I checked my email and in so doing saw that my electric company had sent me out my latest bill. Curious as to what the damages would be this month, I opened the email. I was expecting to see a bill for $50 or less, so I was shocked when I saw that the electric company seemed to be saying that we owed them around $212 this month.


“No no no no no… What the hell happened? How the hell could we have used that much electricity last month?? There’s no way that this is correct. They must have screwed up somehow. Or maybe one of our neighbors is stealing our electricity somehow? Or the complex itself is using our electricity to do maintenance and grounds keeping? Probably not those last two… those are a little over the top paranoid… But still, something is wrong here. There is no way that we could actually owe the electric company over 4 times what we normally get billed this time of year. What a wonderful start to my birthday, I knew I should have at least waited till after breakfast to check my email…”


I then texted Curtis to ask him if he had any idea why our electric bill would be so expensive this month. He had no idea either.

I got out of bed and booted up our laptop to look at the electric company website and see if I could get to the bottom of this. The homepage that shows how much we currently owed, at first glance, also seemed to say that we owed them over $212.

I opened up our latest bill and then things started to make sense. Our current charges for this month were actually only around $32. There was a credit on our account from a few days earlier of $245.

The electric company had refunded us our security deposit from when we started service with them 2 years ago. We didn’t owe them $212, we had a credit of $212 on our account.

I went back and looked more closely at the homepage and the email and noticed a tiny little minus symbol at the end of the number.

“Oh, okay. They’re giving us back some money, not trying to take more money from us. This is much better birthday present. Would have been nice if they could have made it clearer that that amount that they were showing me wasn’t money that they wanted from me though…”

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