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A few of the issues we’ve run into since moving into our new place…

We moved into our current apartment about a month and half ago. During that time we’ve run into a few issues. Here’s a list of the hiccups and annoyances that we’ve encountered.
Great Idea until packing

  1. During the move while attempting to pack the truck my husband, Curtis, “barely touched” the plastic piece that surrounds where the bulb goes on one of our rather old lamps with another piece of furniture that he was trying to shove in the truck and it basically shattered. We knew that we needed to get new lamps soon anyway, but we weren’t planning on doing it immediately after moving in.
    We spent a good amount of time after the truck was empty making sure that all the broken plastic bits were all swept out of the truck.
  2. Speaking of lamps, the night that we moved in we realized that there was no overhead light in the bedroom and that we would also be needing to buy a lamp for in there.
  3. When we were attempting to put our bed back together we originally were planning on having the headboard up against a certain wall. We quickly realized that there was only one wall that it and our nightstands would fit along though, and it was not that wall. We had to shift everything over to underneath the window. Luckily, our bed is fairly low to the ground and the headboard ends just below the window sill and doesn’t block the window at all. Opening and closing the curtains is a bit more of a hassle now though.
    Fairstone Bedroom 1-26-2016 1
  4. Once the bed was moved beneath the window, our futon would most definitely no longer be finding a home in the bedroom. I had my doubts about it fitting in the living room, but it turned out to fit much better than we expected.
  5. We have a cat. And with a cat comes a litter box. The one spot in the entire apartment that would fit his litter box was one side of the pantry in the dining room. The pantry is behind a couple of sliding doors, so we could leave one side open just enough for him to slip in and out. Only I kept finding the door leading to his litter box closed all the way. We ended up having to stick a binder clip on the door track to prevent anyone from closing the door all the way and therefore shutting the cat out of his litter box.
  6. When we went to hook up our dryer we realized that our new apartment had a 4 prong electrical outlet. Our dryer had a 3 prong plug. We made yet another trek down the street to Lowes (this store became our second home during the first couple weeks after our move we were in there so often) in the hopes of finding an adapter. Only they don’t make those sort of adapters, you have to buy a whole new dryer cord instead and switch them out. Dryer cords are expensive.
    Money can't buy happiness
  7. We realized last laundry day that we should have checked the dryer vent before we hooked up the dryer as well. I came into the laundry room to find a puddle of water on the floor by my dryer and that my clothes were taking forever to dry. So we cleaned as much lint as we could out of the dryer itself and then unhooked the dryer to clean out the vent.
    I swear that the previous tenants had to have been running their dryer without any sort of lint screen at all. Not only was the dryer vent completely blocked up with lint, but there was also inexplicably what seemed to be a wad of paper towels in there as well as other various bits of paper and what might have been a large bandage. I don’t know how they managed it and I’d hate to see the state of their dryer…
  8. And while we’re on the subject of the previous tenants, I have no idea what they could have been storing in the linen closet in the bathroom, but every time we opened it after first moving in this god awful smell would waft out. Now, I suppose it’s possible that it was the smell of the chemicals used in painting and putting down new linoleum, but after seeing the state of the dryer vent I wouldn’t be surprised if the previous tenants were at least partially responsible for that smell.
  9. The first time that we attempted to turn on the light in the laundry room we discovered that there is a vent fan in that room. A rather loud vent fan. I am still not completely sure why it’s there, though I do use it while running the dryer now, but it took me a long time to stop flipping that switch when trying to turn on the light. Especially since the switches are opposite to the way that they are set up in the bathroom. I’m convinced that at least one of the reasons it’s there is to annoy the hell out of me.
  10. Our kitchen is nice, but it’s small. There was only one counter that our microwave would fit on, which also happened to be the only real prep space in the kitchen. This clearly wasn’t going to work out so we ended up having to build a shelf in our dining room area for our microwave. We already had to take up some space in the dining room for our chest freezer so we just built the shelf over it. We would have made a smaller shelf, but the wall brackets only come so small and the good people at Lowes were not able to cut them down to size for us. They did helpfully offer to sell us the tools to do it ourselves though. We declined.
    Fairstone Dining Room 1-26-2016 2
  11. When we first moved in we checked out the dishwasher and discovered that it wouldn’t close. Maintenance came out and said that the countertop installers never actually reattached the dishwasher to the brackets under the counter. He screwed it back in and demonstrated how the door now properly opened and closed. Once he left and we went to go and load our dishwasher for the first time however we discovered that the top rack was missing at least half of the prongs to hold the dished in place, and the ones that were still there were all rusted out. Maintenance had to come back out and replace it for us. And then Curtis had to reinstall it so that the rack would actually pull out and give us access to load the dishes.
  12. A few days ago we noticed a leak underneath the kitchen sink. It seemed small at first, until we realized that there was a layer of water under everything in there. covered the breakfast bar counter with paper towels and pulled everything out to take a look. I have no idea how long it had been like this, but the drain pipe for our second sink had come detached from the rest of the drainage pipes. Curtis made several attempts at fixing it, bumped his head and gave up. I really didn’t want to have to deal with maintenance the next day so I sat down to give it a try. I managed to to get the seal back on the pipe correctly and get everything hooked up tight again. I’m willing to bet that the countertop installers were to blame for this as well. Being able to fix the pipes myself and not having to call out maintenance was a huge victory though. Who knows when they would have come out.
  13. It’s been a really long time since we’ve had upstairs neighbors. We expected some annoyances, but we didn’t count on moving into an apartment below a child that doesn’t seem to know how to move without running and jumping and falling most of the time. Or just a child I guess…
    The adults aren’t much better some of the time either, they seem to forget that they can get from place to place without stomping. We’ve mostly gotten used to the sound of a herd of elephants above us, but there are times when I’m convinced that that child is trying to jump through our ceiling and into our apartment.
  14. We also live in a non-smoking building… but at least one of our upstairs neighbors is a smoker. We know because of all of the cigarette butts that end up on our balcony. I’m not sure if smoking is allowed on the balconies in this building or not. It wouldn’t really bother me if they would just throw away their own cigarette butts instead of dumping them on us.
  15. The first time that we used our collapsible shopping cart to walk groceries home from Costco after moving we were barely across the street from the store when we hit a curb wrong and shattered one of the front wheels. Curtis had to treat it like a reverse wheelbarrow and keep it tipped back on its back wheels for the rest of the 3 miles back home. Needless to say, we then had to order ourselves a new shopping cart.

4 thoughts on “A few of the issues we’ve run into since moving into our new place…

  1. Hey, at least your couch fits into your living room!

    Newest fun for us: cable in my room is not working (minor annoyance) and the washer fit in when it was delivered yesterday but not the dryer. They took them both back; washer coming back tomorrow, new dryer coming…March 5th. Maybe. :/

    Otherwise though, I like it still 😀

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    1. Not only do our couches fit in our living room, they also fit through the door in the first place… 😉
      For some reason I was convinced that our living room was much smaller than it actually is. I really didn’t think that that futon would fit. Both Curtis and I were surprised that it worked out in the very first spot that we tried it in. We figured that there would need to be a bit of shifting and rearranging at least.

      Oh no! I really hope that the next washer/dryer set actually fits. Does the place you’re living at have a laundry room for you to use in the meantime? Or do you have enough room to let all your clothes “air dry” around your apartment till you get a dryer?
      Speaking of dryers, I don’t want to jinx it, but today is the first laundry day since our dryer started leaking water and it seems like cleaning out the dryer and vent of all the lint and other various crap has fixed the problem. Airflow through the vents has certainly improved since removing that mysterious wad of paper towels at least, as was evidenced by the huge amount of lint hanging out of the outside dryer vent that I had to call Curtis temporally home from work for a little while ago to help me clear… But anyway, I was really worried that there was something wrong with our dryer, I’m super happy that it looks like we won’t need to buy a new one anytime soon. 😀

      Glad you still like your new place. I hope that you will be able to enjoy it with all of your furniture in it soon! 🙂


  2. Oh the adventures of moving and getting settled into a new place. Seems like a lot of your problems should have been taken care of by management before you moved in. Blah.
    Congrats on the plumbing victory.
    Hopefully you’ve got all of the little issues with this place over with now and it will be easy for the rest of the time you are there.

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    1. You are absolutely right, most of these problems should have taken care of by management before we moved in. Problem is, management didn’t give themselves enough time to properly prepare our apartment for us. As it was they had to delay our move-in date by a day and we were told that we would have to wait until late afternoon of that day before our apartment would actually be ready. I think that they really would have liked to have pushed back our move-in date by a lot more, but we made it clear that by the time they let us know that they needed to it was too late to make any major changes to the timing of our move.
      But hey, we got brand new carpeting, linoleum, and countertops out of the deal, so I guess I can deal with a few things that maintenance overlooked before our move-in. 😀 We’re just lucky that we’re used to dealing with doing minor fixes around our apartment by ourselves. We very rarely call maintenance. That plumbing thing was a first for me though, and I’m glad that I can add it to the list of things that I don’t need to call maintenance for. 🙂

      Thank you. And hopefully the rest of the time that we are here will be a long time. I’m tired of moving. I’d like to be able to waste my time and money on other things for awhile. 😉

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