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I’ve been falling behind on reading your blogs (and writing my own) because my cat has a lap addiction…

I follow all of the blogs that I regularly read via email. That is how I keep up with them. I pretty much never bring up the WordPress reader. The email app that I use on my phone started to force close on me every time I had the nerve to try to actually open an email with it a long time ago, resulting in me having to open the app again and try to open the email again only to have it force close again. Lather, rinse, repeat. If I was very lucky the email that I was attempting to read would actually load after about the 5th try or so, so actually checking my email on my phone was something I pretty much gave up on. In order to actually read my email I would have to pull out the laptop formally known as my husband’s that we now both share since mine died without warning while in sleep mode many months ago.

And here’s where my cat’s lap addiction comes in.

In order to effectively use the laptop I would have to put it on my lap, which lately is forever occupied by my toothless, sweet old man of a cat, Teddy Bear. Before moving to our new place back in December I was in the habit of turning on the laptop pretty much every day and Teddy Bear knew that he would have to settle for sitting next to me until I was done using it. But since moving I seem to have dropped that habit. I was pulling out the laptop much less often and my cat picked up on that and has claimed my lap as his property. If I sit down he’s right there. Even if I tell him no because I’ll be standing up again soon, if I get distracted by something for a second I’ll look down to find a cat perched on my lap. And he’ll fight to keep my lap for as long as possible as well, not admitting defeat until he’s in imminent danger of being unceremoniously dumped on the floor by my rapidly disappearing lap.

Keeping up with the blogs I read or my own blog isn’t the only thing that suffers because of my cat’s addiction.

Loads of laundry will sit waiting for me to switch them over to the dryer from the washer or pull them out of the dryer because I have a cat on my lap that cannot be disturbed.

I will wait until much later in the afternoon than I had previously planned to go out and check the mail because my lap is occupied.

I will sit and debate how hungry/thirsty I really am because getting up and going to the kitchen would disturb the cat.

I will sit in a room that is slowly getting darker because I would have to kick the cat off of my lap to get up and turn on a light.

I will stay up way later than intended when I should really be in bed sleeping because I feel guilty about waking up the sleeping cat on my lap.

And on, and on, and on…

This past weekend I finally was able to upgrade my phone though. So now when I go to read an email it actually loads! That doesn’t help with my housework, my eating habits or my sleeping habits, but at least I can stay on top of my emails now without disturbing my cat.

I mean, look at him. How could you have the heart to disturb him?



This is how my cat responded when I told him I needed to get up and go to bed.